Les Vins de Belema

Do you know the Gringet grape variety? It's time to find out thanks to Yann Pernuit who makes great Savoy wines at the Belema estate in Ayse.


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Sisyphe 2021 - Les Vins de Belema
Sisyphe 2021 - Les Vins de Belema
Vin rouge
Vin en biodynamieVin naturelVin sans sulfites ajoutées

At the right school, Yann Pernuit could only do great things.

New in Savoy (discover our selection of Savoyard wines ), lover of nature and biodynamics, Yann Pernuit could only produce great wines. At the right school for many years, he embarked on the production of his own wines in 2019. We could not have hoped for so much. In Ayze, Yann Pernuit is rejuvenating the forgotten grape variety, Gringet, but not only. In the magnificent trace that Dominique Belluard left in the region. To be tested without further delay.

The story of Yann Pernuit, Les Vins de Belema

Yann Pernuit, a former Parisian by birth and after a spell in Normandy, landed in the Alps with his family many years ago.
A former cyclist, Yann Pernuit quickly turned to the world of natural wine after being disappointed with the world of cycling.
For years, Yann made his mark at Château de Mérande, the emblematic castle of Arbin, which he strongly helped to embark on biodynamics. This estate was held by the Genoux brothers, André and Daniel. Since 2009, they have been Ecocert certified, i.e. a vine culture conducted in bio-biodynamic farming. It is therefore at a very good school that Yann Pernuit learned the profession of winegrower. Before going on his own, Yann joined the great and late Dominique Belluard in Ayze. The figure of the natural wines of Savoy, which brought the Gringet grape variety, a forgotten Savoy grape variety, back to life. Located in Ayze, it is with Dominique Belluard that Yann confirms his desire to make natural wine, in an approach that respects the environment.
It was therefore in 2019 that he set up on his own, Les Vins de Belema was born. First by buying grapes, and continuing to work with Dominique Belluard, Yann produced his first vintage.
Nature lovers, he can only be in love with biodynamics as well. His first wines are already a very good first glimpse of his talent as a winemaker.
After the death of Dominique Belluard, he immediately started planting vines to ensure the continuity of his estate. His goal is to have 5 hectares of vines on the Ayze soil, in addition to a few Dominique Belluard vines. He then cultivated different Savoy grape varieties including Mondeuse and Étraire de la Dhuy, which he liked to see evolve, as well as a forgotten grape variety that he learned to cultivate with Belluard, Gringet, typical of Ayze.

Yann Pernuit, Les Vins de Belema

Since its birth, Les Vins de Belema have been grown on a vineyard turned into organic farming.
Aware of the importance and power of nature, Yann Pernuit works soils with different characteristics: alluvium, glacial moraines, scree cones and river terraces.
The natural wines he produces are vinified in amphora or concrete eggs. It aims to have no (or very little) sulfite at bottling only. Thanks to research on winemaking and aging, Yann offers wines as he sees his job, exciting, energizing, wines for pleasure, to share and emotions.
Belema wines come from different local grape varieties, sometimes even forgotten. There is the Etraire de la Dhuy, the Altesse, the Mondeuse known in Savoy and of course the mythical Gringet. A grape variety that managed to express itself wonderfully between Yann's talent and the limestone scree on which it rests in the Mont-Blanc Valley.
Yann Pernuit proposes Imago 2021. 100% Gringet, a grape variety we love at Epicurieux. This dry white wine from Savoy is made with delicacy, freshness and complexity. A great success for this passionate winegrower!
There is the AB OVO 2020 vintage. This maceration of Gringet was made from the old vines of Dominique Belluard, where Yann was able to benefit from his support. Grapes gently macerated for an extraction low in tannins, and a lot of freshness. A maceration to test.
Finally, a red wine from Savoy but which is not really one… the Sisyphe 2021 bottle. 100% original and surprising Carignan! He buys the grapes from a winegrower in Roussillon, who works with as much respect for the soil as he does. Complexity and fruitiness, nice balance in this wine!
A talent already well established for Yann Pernuit, the wines of Belema are to be discovered. Amateurs or novices, you will appreciate these natural wines from Savoy.

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