Champagne wine

Champagne wine

Champagne nature, bio et biodynamique

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Bouteille de Champagne  Heritage Assemblage extra brut
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Bouteille de champagne Puzzle
Puzzle 2021 - Champagne Ruppert-Leroy
Vin en biodynamieVin sans sulfites ajoutés

(Re) Discover Champagne in its natural version!

The famous Champagne vineyard is mainly located in the department of Marne. A part is therefore in Aube, Haute-Marne, Aisne and Seine-et-Marne. We can clearly identify 4 sub-regions where the soil and therefore the grape varieties differ. We find the Côte des Blancs, the Côte des Bar, the Montagne de Reims and the Vallée de la Marne. The main grape varieties are Chardonnay (Côte des Blancs), Pinot Noir (Côtes des Bar, Montagne de Reims) and Pinot Meunier (Marne Valley). Mainly on clay-limestone soils, the Champagne vineyard produces sparkling wines using the traditional white or rose method and still wines called Coteaux Champenois. The Champenoise or so-called Traditional method consists, after obtaining the base wine, in making a second fermentation in the bottle based on yeasts, sugars and old wines called liqueur de tirage or prise de mousse. Then follows a period of aging on slats of at least 15 months for non-vintages and 3 years for vintages. Finally, the wine is disgorged to expel the deposit in the bottle. We then add an expedition liquor or more or less sweet wine dosage which will determine the final dosage (brut nature less than 3 grams of sugar, extra brut, brut, extra dry, dry, semi-dry, sweet more than 50 grams ).

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