Electronic termination

10.3 Electronic Termination

In accordance with the provisions of article L215-1-1 of the Consumer Code, when a contract has been concluded electronically or has been concluded by another means and that the professional, on the day of termination by the consumer, offers the consumer the possibility of concluding contracts electronically, termination is made possible in this way. To this end, the Seller makes available to the Customer a free functionality allowing him to carry out, by electronic means, the notification and the steps necessary for the termination of the contract. The functionality allowing the electronic termination of the contract, easily accessible, is directly accessible on the website www.epi-curieux.com having allowed the Customer to place his order, it is likely to guarantee the identification of the Customer. When the Customer notifies the termination of the contract, the Seller confirms receipt of the notification and informs him, on a durable medium and within a reasonable time, of the date on which the contract ends and of the effects of the termination.

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