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Hot wine, grandmother's recipe

Aug 09, 2023epi-curieux

Falling temperatures, autumn, soon the winter cold, this announces the arrival of comforting dishes and drinks. And what is better than a good glass of hot wine to warm you up?
This traditional drink is appreciated in many countries for its warm flavors and its spicy side, but also because it announces the approach of the end of year celebrations.
But with which wine to prepare hot wine? Can there be alternatives? We tell you everything.

What is the ideal wine to make a good hot wine?

To prepare hot wine, you will first need to choose a red wine, more fruity and gourmet aromas. A red wine that will leave delicate notes of red fruits in the mouth, in contrast with its spicy side. Spices are a must for hot wine, you will need cinnamon, cloves and star anise. This blend will give you a fragrant and tasty hot wine.
If you have a preference for sweeter wines, let yourself be tempted by a Porto, this natural sweet wine from the South. This will be an excellent choice for making your ultra gourmet hot wine. The natural sweet wines bring richness and an incomparable aromatic, thanks to notes of candied fruits, caramels. A perfect alliance with the warm spices of hot wine.

Our selection of red wines to make hot wine

Epicurieux helps you in your choice of red wine for the recipe of a good hot wine.
Let yourself be surprised by the warmth of a Cahors from the Combel La Serre estate, for example. Warm soils, an exceptional fruitiness based on black fruits and spices, this will go perfectly with your hot wine.
On the other side, discover the Cairannes of the Marcel Richaud estate. Reds from the Rhône Valley where red fruits and spices mix to bring a lot of indulgence.
Blends that create comforting, warm and tasty hot wines. Ideal for winter evenings and end of year celebrations. Test this homemade taste experience, to share with friends or family for more conviviality.

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