Accords Mets-Vins : Quel vin pour accompagner une pintade ?

Food-Wine Pairing: Which wine to accompany guinea fowl meal?

Aug 16, 2023epi-curieux

Have you been invited to a family meal with a must-have guinea fowl on the menu, but you don't know which wine will go perfectly with the guinea fowl? You are in the right place!
Yes, we have prepared our small food and wine selection for you for a perfect combo!

Which red wine for a guinea fowl meal?

When it comes time to savor roast guinea fowl, the accompaniment of a well-chosen red wine can turn this culinary experience into an unforgettable feast. Two red wines are particularly distinguished by their refined character and their ability to magnify the delights of guinea fowl. First, the Morgon Vieilles Vignes from Domaine Lapierre. Star bottle of Beaujolais which offers a captivating bouquet of juicy red fruits and floral notes, all accompanied by silky tannins, which blend delicately with the tenderness of the meat. The pure expression of an exceptional soil, for an exceptional taste experience between Gamay and guinea fowl.
Then there is Arbalète et Coquelicot from Domaine Jean-Baptiste Sénat, a Minervois that combines freshness and sunshine at the same time. This Languedoc red wine is mainly composed of Grenache, it reveals tantalizing aromas of black fruits, liquorice and violet, combined with a subtle minerality that goes perfectly with the cooking of the guinea fowl. The balance between power and freshness offers an exquisite dimension to each sip, allowing an idyllic marriage with the tender and tasty flesh of the guinea fowl.

What white wine for a guinea fowl?

If you prefer the alliance with a white wine to accompany your guinea fowl, we suggest “La Petite Cordillère” from Domaine Bernatas. This beautiful bottle will harmoniously accompany your dish.
This exceptional cru, from the soil of the Languedoc region, evokes an olfactory escapade in the heart of the sunny vineyards. From the first nose, delicate aromas of white fruits and spring flowers are revealed, the aromatic symphony is bewitching. On the palate, its dazzling freshness and liveliness bring a finesse that goes perfectly with the delicacy of roast guinea fowl. Its silky texture and its persistence make the pleasure last longer, making each bite of guinea fowl a delight. Everything blends perfectly with each sip of this white wine, which will offer you an exquisite taste experience.

Bon appetit and happy tasting!

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