Nicolas Chemarin

Nicolas Chemarin

It is in Marchampt, at an elevation of 450m, that Nicolas Chemarin produces “funky” wines on atypical terroirs. “P'tit Grobis” offers digestible and gourmet Gamay (and not only). To be tested of course!


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Bouteille de vin rouge le rocher beaujolais villages
Le Rocher Beaujolais Village 2019 - Nicolas Chemarin
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Vin naturel
Bouteille de vin rouge Mon Ga
Mon'Ga 2022 - Axel Domont
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The "P'tit Grobis" of Beaujolais!

Nicolas Chemarin, or "P'tit Grobis" for those close to him (Grobis being the nickname given to the inhabitants of Marchampt) is a passionate man, passionate about his soil, his vines. He exploits atypical terroirs of Beaujolais, at an elevation of 450m in the Marchampt sector but also on the crus of Brouilly, Morgon, Régnié, and works everything in an artisanal way. Gourmet wines, warm, a bit naughty in fact, like the character!

The beginnings of Nicolas Chemarin

Above all, we are talking about a beautiful family story for the Chemarin estate based in Marchampt, in Beaujolais. And it is currently Nicolas Chemarin who is at the head of the estate.
Indeed, Nicolas' great-grandfather practiced polyculture, then his grandfather only exploited the vine. It was him who bought the large building on the estate and built a concrete vat room, half buried, which is still usable today. Subsequently, Nicolas' father took over the torch by staying on the slopes of Marchampt in Beaujolais Villages.

Representing the fourth generation, Nicolas Chemarin, after obtaining his Bachelor degree, he first practiced his internship in Pouilly-Fuissé (white wine with controlled designation of origin), then took care of the vinification at Louis Tête (a benchmark in the field of natural Beaujolais wines) for two years. It was in 2008 that he decided to devote himself full time to the family estate and to the profession of winegrower. A job that he sometimes judges as “ungrateful”: a difficult job in relation to the sale price and recognition. But it is with intelligence and enthusiasm that he manages to carry out this job to perfection and with his vision.

Later, Nicolas Chemarin operates 6.5 hectares in Beaujolais-Villages, including 3 hectares leased to his father, and 3.5 hectares leased to his neighbor. There are also vines in the Régnié and Morgon appellations. Then, the young winegrower took over the vines from his father, who retired in 2008, and left the tenant farming to his neighbor. Nicolas Chemarin currently operates 8 hectares of vines in Beaujolais.

Highlighted soils

The soil most highlighted by Nicolas Chemarin is of course that of the Beaujolais-Villages appellation, which makes it possible to produce expressive, intensely fruity and fragrant wines. This represents 80% of its estate. This terroir is located on steep slopes of 35 to 55%, on rocky and poor soils, resting on rich granite rock. The average age of these vines is 80 years.

Nicolas Chemarin also operates two distinct soils in the Régnié appellation. The first, Les Bullats, is nestled at an elevation of 250 meters, born from the decomposition of pink granite, which are sandy and light. The second, La Haute Ronze, a quality close to Morgon, where the soils are deeper and clayey, giving more shaped wines.

Regarding the Morgon appellation, the winegrower operates 30 ares in Les Charmes (a renowned climate) and 37 ares in Corcelette.

For the creation of his wines, Nicolas comes as close as possible to organic criteria for natural wines and healthy vines, while following the lunar cycles. The vines are worked in accordance with respect for the soil and the environment. The harvest is done only by hand. No other choice, between the altitude and the slope! However, faced with Nicolas' annoyance, organic certification remains impossible with such sloping soils.

On the vinification side, Nicolas Chemarin produces wines traditionally. No addition of sulfite during the process and very rarely post aging. No filtration for even more purity and authenticity.

Nicolas Chemarin's wines

Regarding his wines, Nicolas Chemarin is already known for the quality of the care he brings to his vines.
And we find these facts in the red wines he has designed. Like Les Vignes de Jeannot 2018, a 100% Gamay cuvée, created from old vines in the Marchampt sector, referring to the vines that once belonged to Jean Chemarin, one of his ancestors, nicknamed “Jeannot”. A wine that will surprise more than one with its cherry notes.
Premier Jus Beaujolais Nouveau 2022 is a 100% Gamay, a festive wine known for its explosion of fruit and intense freshness. Also to be enjoyed in Magnum Premier Jus Beaujolais Nouveau 2022!
100% Gamay also for Nicolas Chemarin's Saburin Brouilly 2020. The Saburin vineyard is one of the nine localities of Brouilly. This bottle comes from fairly fine pink rock with semi-carbonic vinification and vinification in whole bunches over thirty days. A real “fruit juice” full of gluttony! Also to be enjoyed in Magnum Saburin Brouilly 2019.
Seins Mamour Vin de France 2020 is an atypical red wine since it comes from a blend of grapes from the Saint Amour cru (Beaujolais appellation, one of the most legendary in the region) and the village of Marchampt. Its name obviously refers to the Saint Amour vintage. A Gamay concentrated in ripe fruit and indulgence.
Aged in barrels for more than ten months, the Morgon Les Charmes 2018 bottle is 100% Gamay, 80% destemmed to better preserve the fruit. A simple reference to the climate of Les Charmes and the Morgon appellation, finding the perfect balance between the climate of 2018 and the complexity of the cru.
Nicolas Chemarin's flagship bottle, Le Rocher Beaujolais Village 2018, a 100% Gamay red wine, is also aged in barrels for more than ten months. Vinification is done in barrels for more than a month, without sulphur. Often harvested in October at more than 560 meters above sea level, the highest in Beaujolais, Le Rocher presents a very fine, pure tannic line and reveals a fruity and floral balance on the palate with a surprising capacity for aging. To be found both in Le Rocher Beaujolais Village 2019 and in Magnum Le Rocher Beaujolais Village 2018.
In addition to the red wines, Nicolas Chemarin also presents a 100% Chardonnay white Beaujolais, P'tit Grobis Blanc 2021, in reference to the name given to the inhabitants of Marchampt (Grobis), which has also become the winemaker's own nickname, P'tit Grobis. This vintage is unfiltered, without sulfur and 3 weeks of maceration for 50% of the juice bringing a slight bitterness. A digestible and free wine: a real pleasure wine!
Local wines, natural Beaujolais wines as we like you to discover at epicurieux !

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