Jérémy Bricka

Bringing the old grape varieties of Savoy and Isère back to life is Jérémy Bricka's mission. Let yourself be carried away by Jérémy's know-how and discover fine, gourmet, sometimes spicy wines, a treat!


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Mondeuse Noire 2021 - Jérémy Bricka
Mondeuse Noire 2021 - Jérémy Bricka
Vin rouge
Vin en biodynamie

The artist: Jeremy Bricka

It's time to bring the old grape varieties of Savoie and Isère up to date. We need the know-how of Jérémy Bricka for that. Former oenologist engineer based in Trièves, this artist offers bottles with incredible finesse and delicacy. Go ahead, curious people, try it, you won't be disappointed!

Jeremy Bricka estate

His history did not begin in its own estate, but in several. Jérémy Bricka first made his mark with various winegrowers, before co-founding the Distillerie des Hautes-Glaces in the Trièves. The Hautes-Glaces estate is located between the cliffs of the Vercors and the peaks of the Ecrins, and has worked in organic farming. It is rare to see distilleries in France, and even more organic. Jérémy Bricka has therefore made his talent available.
Falling in love with Trièves is one thing, creating your own estate is another. Jérémy Bricka then jumps at the chance, the one presented by the mayor of Roissard in 2015. The mayor of the commune of Roissard wishes to revive certain plots, to revive vines again on the terroirs of Trièves. After visiting these lands, Jérémy Bricka realizes that the potential of the soil is great, even if the challenge is daring, because the hillsides are high in elevation and sloping. It is therefore with the help of the town hall, and a helping hand from the region, that he embarked on the planting of vines in 2015. But first you have to clear. A titanic task and challenge coming ahead.
Thanks to subsidies from the region, he can also invest in the installation of his building, and buy equipments for production, such as machines for working the vines on steep slopes.
Not forgetting the work carried out at the Hautes-Glaces estate, Jérémy embarked on the distillery in addition to his wines from plantations made on a hillside near the vines. From the wines he distills, he makes an alcohol base, which he then transforms into gin, absinthe and genepi (and pastis and verbena will also see the light of day). The pure expression of the plant, lover of spirits, do not hesitate to discover its magic potions!

The lands of Jérémy Bricka

2015 heralds the start of plantations for Jérémy Bricka. His first wines will see the light of day in 2018 , but for him, his first real harvest, the one where the vines will give enough grapes, will see the light of day in October 2020.
The bet was daring, but he knew how to be present where we expected him. Jérémy Bricka is attentive to his vines , which are located at altitude , with a view overlooking the Lac de Monteynard-Avignonet.
Thanks to this geographical location, Jérémy harvests later. Maturity and bud burst are therefore staggered. Most of the harvest takes place in October . A set of details in the vineyard, which brings a lot of uniqueness to the wines of Jérémy Bricka.
In addition to working plots at altitude and on a slope , Jérémy wanted to plant endemic grape varieties, old Savoie grape varieties. There is therefore for red wines; Etraire de l'Aduï, Douce Noire, Mondeuse Noire, and for white wines: Verdesse, Altesse and Mondeuse Blanche.
Jérémy Bricka works with the greatest respect for the environment, so he cultivates his vines organically , and he harvests by hand . The epi-curious team went to find you wines to rediscover Savoie and Isère as you had never tasted it. Old grape varieties worked by Jérémy Bricka, this gives wines of great precision and shows how rich the region is in beautiful terroirs and grape varieties !

Jérémy Bricka's wines

There is the 100% Douce Noire 2020 Pont de Brion vintage. A cuvée with gourmet notes, on aromas of red fruits, with extreme finesse...
To discover the wines of Isère, there is also the cuvée Etraire de l'Aduï 2020 , a wine close to the flavors of Persian wines. Spicy, fresh, to be tested quickly!
Jérémy Bricka also works with white grape varieties, such as the Verdesse 2020 cuvée. Very beautiful aromatics, silky texture, spices and tension on the program… nothing to say! You know this grape variety, but signed Jérémy Bricka, have you ever tasted it? His Mondeuse Noire 2020 is a different version of what we know, it's delicate, fine, incredibly bewitching. A wine that can still be expected for the most patient...
Jérémy Bricka won his bet by settling on the heights of Trièves. Its wines, with old grape varieties from Savoie and Isère, are just unique. His work, all in finesse, delicacy, with a lot of flavors and passion , all exploited with the greatest respect for the living... A work that only deserves to be known!

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