Holy Chips and Domaine Bertrand

Holy Chips and Domaine Bertrand

When the Holy Chips restaurant in La Ravoire and the Domaine Bertrand in Beaujolais meet, it gives a bottle of friends, a 100% grape juice, 100% fresh, 100% fruit, to taste with friends!


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Bouteille de vin rouge HC soif
SOIF ! 2019 - Holy Chips X Domaine Bertrand
Vin rouge
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When the Holy Chips restaurant and Julien Bertrand meet!

The Soif bottle is the idea of ​​an association between the Holy Chips restaurant and the winemaker Julien Bertrand, after their meeting in Beaujolais. Friendship is born, the desire to make you discover a thirst-quenching, gourmet and joyful juice too. A wine of friends and sharing from Gamay (the best of the grape varieties obviously), born in Beaujolais (the most beautiful of the regions necessarily), on the Brouilly appellation. With the SOIF! bottle , you have only one thing to think about: bite into the fruit of this pure Gamay juice!

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