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Grape juices fan? You have come to the right place, Raphaël Saint-Cyr produces authentic wines from the Beaujolais, Chénas, Moulin à vent and Morgon appellations. An indisputable delicacy to discover in the bottles of the Saint-Cyr estate.


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Bouteille de vin rouge Chenas les Journets
Chénas Les Journets 2019 - Domaine Saint-Cyr
Vin rouge
Vin bioVin naturel
Bouteille de vin rouge Moulin à Vent la bruyère
Moulin à vent La Bruyère 2020 - Domaine Saint-Cyr
Vin rouge
Vin bioVin naturel
Bouteille de vin rouge Moulin à Vent la Bruyère
Moulin à vent - La bruyère 2019 - Domaine Saint-Cyr
Vin rouge
Vin bioVin naturel

Raphaël Saint-Cyr, authenticity and love of the land!

Family estate of 23 hectares, it is today Raphaël Saint-Cyr who leads the exploitation of his father, Thierry. Natural Beaujolais wines with undeniable delicacies, authentic wines from the Beaujolais, Chénas, Moulin à Vent and Morgon appellations. You will love it for sure!

A family estate since 1949

In 1949, Pierre Saint-Cyr settled in the town of Anse in the middle of the country of golden stones, near Villefranche-sur-Saône, where he supported his family thanks to his polyculture farm. His farm includes cows, pigs, draft horses, fruit trees and vines.
Step by step, polyculture was abandoned in favor of vines and wine. In 1963, Michel Saint Cyr, Pierre's son, took over the Bellevue estate on the heights of Anse. In 1983, Michel was joined by his son, Thierry Saint Cyr, on the family estate. In support of direct sales development, Jacqueline and Laurence Saint Cyr, their wives, will also be part of the adventure. Already, cultural practices in reasoned production are exercised on the estate in order to respect the environment.
It was in 2008 that Raphaël Saint Cyr, son of Thierry, also moved to the family estate. A dynamic and ambitious winemaker, Raphaël represents the fourth generation of winegrowers in the family. The vines are carried out in organic farming, then very quickly the good practices of biodynamics will settle. Always with the ultimate goal of respecting the environment as much as possible.
Karine, Raphael Saint Cyr's wife, joined the adventure in 2012. Thanks to the quality of their biodynamic wines, together they managed to win over several customers such as wine merchants, professionals, restaurants in France and even abroad.
With production closer and more respectful of nature, tillage using draft horses has also returned to a large majority of the estate. The natural wines of the Saint Cyr estate captivate wine lovers and can be discovered on

Towards biodynamics in Beaujolais

Made of 23 hectares of vines, all spread over the Beaujolais, Morgon, Chénas and Moulin-à-vent appellations, the Saint Cyr estate has been committed to organic farming since 2008. Respect for the soil, the vine and the he environment is at the heart of the questioning and reflections of the Saint Cyr estate. Although Thierry, Raphaël's father, had already been practicing sustainable production since 1983, Raphaël decided to commit to biodynamics. By moving towards this approach, it pushes the culture that respects the environment even further. There is a real highlighting of the Beaujolais and Gamay soils, Raphaël wants to produce authentic wines, free wines .
The Saint Cyr estate implements two main soils. The first is located in the south of Beaujolais, around the estate, it is distinguished by a clay-limestone composition with a presence of clay and rock called "Golden Stones". This name represents the region and its fourteen municipalities, rich in iron oxide.
The second soil, located in the north (the Crus), is characterized by granites, older and dominant soils.
In order to preserve nature and the vineyards, tillage is done with draft horses over a large part of the estate, so as not to damage the soil, reduce the carbon impact and promote the health of the vines. The wines are vinified with indigenous yeasts, without filtration, without inputs and with a minimum of sulfiting. Other biodynamic practices such as working with the moon for racking and bottling, the use of horn dung, silica and other plant macerations are essential for the authenticity of the wines.

Lively wines at the Saint-Cyr estate!

Reflecting the excellence of the winemaker, the Saint-Cyr estate bottles are both pure and precise. All the wines are vinified naturally and without inputs, with Beaujolais carbonic maceration, respecting the best representation of the soils. Each bottle and each soil has its own caracteristic. The maceration time varies between twelve and twenty-five days.
For these wines, Raphaël honors great grape varieties including Gamay, number one in Beaujolais, Chardonnay, Aligoté and Sauvignon Blanc. Among the red wines, La Galoche 2020 is a 100% Gamay Beaujolais with a classic representation of the regional appellation. The bottle black and red fruits notes.
We also find La Galoche 2021, 100% Gamay, lightness and fruit with always a reminder of the region: fresh and greedy.
French Kiss Kanon Bojo Nouveau 2022 is a 100% Gamay. The Beaujolais Nouveau! A digestible and greedy red wine with lots of fruit on the palate. Also to discover in Magnum French Kiss Kanon Bojo Nouveau 2022!
Vinified with cold carbonic maceration and with 50% aging in old barrels for 10 months, the Gamay Chénas Les Blémonts 2019 reveals finesse and fine tannins offering an aroma that tends towards a Pinot Noir bottle.
We also find Chénas Les Journets 2019, a 100% Gamay which once again affirms the potential of Beaujolais with a fine, digestible and complex red wine.
Mélo 2021 is an exceptional bottle with three different grape varieties including Gamay, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. A blend of different plots around the estate and the whole is worked on horseback. The three grape varieties are harvested, pressed and vinified at the same time on the principle of a mille-feuille with different layers. A perfect balance of fruit, acidity and concentration!
Morgon Les Charmes 2020 is a 100% Gamay with 75% aging in old barrels for 10 months. A wine from a single Les Charmes plot, classified as a cru. This Beaujolais will evoke the soil through its elegance and its slightly spicy notes.
Another appellation, Moulin-à-Vent La Bruyère 2020 and 2019, this 100% Gamay, with 50% aging in old barrels for 10 months, shows us the typical profile of the wines of this appellation. This pretty cru is known for producing wines in the “Burgundy” style. Thanks to the Saint-Cyr estate we discover this wine with agriculture and natural vinification as an added touch. A natural wine that leaves spicy and fruity notes in the mouth.
As for white wine, the clay-limestone soils are very favorable to white grape varieties, present only in a few communes in Beaujolais, such as Anse and Lachassagne. It is also on these terroirs that we find the white vineyards of Raphaël Saint-Cyr.
Two types of bottle are produced, the whites on the fruit coming from young vines and the bottle from old vines, put in barrels directly for fermentation as well as aging for 24 months.
Among them, we find Alien 2020, a 100% Aligoté wine. Freshness, minerality and tension, this is what this variety offers with surprising potential.
La Galoche blanc 2021 is once again in the spotlight with its 100% Chardonnay grape variety planted in southern Beaujolais on clay-limestone soils. Vinified directly, then aged in a stainless steel vat for 6 months. Gourmet and dynamic on the palate, this bottle also reveals an undeniable freshness.
Terroir de Lachassagne 2020 is a soil of an exceptional plot. A Chardonnay from vines over 70 years old with aging in 100% old barrels on fermentation lees, in a reducing medium, for 24 months without added sulfur. A beautiful white perfectly symbolizing its terroir, intense, fine and fresh, with Burgundian accents. Discover also the Terroir de Lachassagne 2018!
The Saint Cyr estate reveals pure, lively and authentic wines that perfectly reflect the Beaujolais soils made by Raphaël Saint Cyr, an involved and dynamic winemaker, to discover on Epicurieux!

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