Domaine Pavelot

Domaine Pavelot

Lise et Luc Pavelot

The expression of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the Pernand-Vergelesses appellation, you know, all embellished by the Pavelot estate? Lively Burgundy wines with exceptional finesse.


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Bouteille de vin rouge Bourgogne Passe Tout Grains
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Bourgogne Passe Tout Grains 2021 - Domaine Pavelot
Vin rouge
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Bouteille de vin rouge Corton Grand Cru
Corton Grand Cru 2020 - Domaine Pavelot
Vin rouge
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Respect for the environment by the Pavelot estate

In writings, the name Pavelot in the wine world has existed since the 17th century. To prove to us how much the estate and the Pavelot family is established on the lands of Pernand-Vergelesses. This family of winegrowers has existed for many generations and today it is Luc and his sister, Lise , who are at the head. This 7th generation follows their parents, Régis and Annie and many others before.
Currently, the estate extends over 10 hectares, of which two thirds is exploited in Pinot Noir and the rest in Chardonnay.
The Pavelot estate has been conducted for many years in organic and biodynamic farming. Lise and Luc are committed to perpetuating this philosophy and vision of the estate by putting the vines at the center of attention. For them, there are two lines of conduct: patience and respect for the living.
At the Pavelot estate there is a real accompaniment of the stock during the different seasons of the year. Steps are put in place to grow the entire vine in the best conditions and thus transform the grapes into healthy wine.
Luc and Lise work with the greatest respect for the environment, they respect the living above all. They pamper plants, soils, insects, animals but also humans.
By giving the best to the land, they reap the best fruit, they benefit from healthy grapes, they perpetuate the land, the vine and the work of men. This respect for the environment has always existed at the Pavelot estate, with the means available according to the times of each.
Thanks to this work of respect, the vines were able to evolve in good conditions, the oldest vines today are 90 years old.

Soils according to the Pavelot estate

The profession of winegrower is renewed every year. The vintages follow one another but are not alike, there are climatic differences, the wines are diversified according to many criteria. The Pavelot estate therefore challenges itself each year to be as attentive as possible and as respectful of the environment as possible. As in the vineyard where Luc and Lise respect the living, in winemaking they want to be the least interventionist possible. They work as simply as possible, respecting nature with minimal intervention, at specific and necessary times. At the Pavelot estate, organic and biodynamic practices are essential in order to be able to produce lively wines, healthy wines. This helps to obtain wines with a balanced expression for each vintage and each appellation.
To produce the wines of the Pavelot estate, Luc and Lise use wicker harvest baskets. These wicker baskets are more respectful of the grapes when picking them up. Once the basket is full (i.e. 35 kg), the bunches do not crush, the water, which can normally stagnate in the vats, escapes into the basket and not into the press, this allows you to have only the grape juice. The purpose of these baskets is to bring the whole bunches into the vat room without sorting, because the mold escapes through the basket. A thoughtful choice since 2005, when the estate decided to keep the stalk during the maceration of Pinot Noir, more or less complete depending on the strengths of the vintage. This can vary between 30 and 50%. The role of the stalk in the maceration is to be a “thermal buffer”, the start of fermentation will be more spontaneous, and the progress more regular. Its presence in the cap also plays a draining role, the tannins are extracted more gently and the wines are more stable afterwards.
Concerning the vinifications of the Pavelot domain, they happen in a natural way thanks to the action of indigenous yeasts, there are no chemical inputs. Only a mini dose of sulfur can be added during fermentation, and at the time of malolactic release. These additions are also made at very specific times, according to the lunar calendar to really minimize the doses.
The Pavelot estate does not push the aging so as not to mark the wines too much, to always keep this digestible and fresh side.

The wines of the Pavelot estate

The Pinot Noir from the Pavelot estate are produced mainly in the Pernand-Vergelesses appellations, also in the 1er cru. The estate also works the Aloxe-Corton appellation.
Two-thirds of the hectares of the estate are Pinot Noir, so there are many red bottles.
First of all, there is the Pernand-Vergelesses 1er Cru en Caradeux 2020, this Pinot Noir facing East but keeping the freshness thanks to the hill of Corton. These old vines grow on very calcareous soils and bring an explosion of black fruit to the wine, finesse. The aging of this Pinot Noir lasted 12 months in barrels on lees (40% new, the rest from 1 to 5 wines), the assembly is done in vats for 4 months.
On the same appellation, the Pernand-Vergelesses 1er Cru en Caradeux 2020 is expressed this time thanks to Chardonnay. Formerly planted in Pinot Noir, then replanted in Chardonnay in 2011, the vine is vigorous, it also benefits from the limestone soils, which brings minerality and a magnificent length to this white Burgundy wine. It has aged for 10 months in barrels (35% new barrels, the rest between 1 to 5 wines). The assembly is carried out in vats for 6 weeks. There are also novelties at the Pavelot estate, with this Bourgogne Passe-Tout-Grains 2021, produced following a takeover in 2015. It took 3 years of conversion to organic farming, and a small plantation in Gamay to discover this wine in 2019. Facing west in the place called La Grande Corvée de Bully, on clay soil, this blend of Pinot Noir (70%) and Gamay offers a nice fruity bouquet. No wood for this wine to gain this freshness and the fresh fruit with Burgundian notes.
Finally, in the Pernand-Vergelesses appellation, there is the Premier Cru Ile des Vergelesses which is located halfway up the slope, facing east. Its soils of silt and clay, rich in limestone bring a lot of elegance and finesse to the wine. Luc and Lise kept this wine for 12 months in barrels, on lees (45% new barrels, the rest from 1 to 4 wines), then blended it for 4 months in vats.

The wines of the Pavelot estate are to be discovered, to be kept in the cellar to appreciate over time the expression of Pinot Noir in the Pernand-Vergelesses appellation.

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