Domaine des Terres Vivantes

Domaine des Terres Vivantes

Ludovic Gros

Welcome to the Terres Vivantes estate, where Ludovic Gros handles polyculture like no other. You are in Beaujolais and you will discover the cultivation of different grape varieties such as Syrah, Chenin, Viognier, Gamaret, Chardonnay and of course Gamay. Discover lovely free wines.


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bouteille de vin rouge sur des bouchons de liège
Libre 2019 - Domaine des Terres Vivantes
Vin rouge
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The wines of the Terres Vivantes estate

The Terres Vivantes estate is a real agricultural universe where market gardening, vine growing, honey and bread production come together. Like a logic where the estate is one through the values ​​of the land, natural yeasts and living things. The whole family is involved in it. Ludovic Gros, meanwhile, takes care of the vines and winemaking with the freedom to grow Syrah, Chenin, Viognier, Gamaret, Chardonnay and Gamay in Beaujolais... And the result in the bottle proves him right with sincere wines and rights to the identity of the soil and the grape variety. A family to discover!

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