Domaine des Canailles

Domaine des Canailles

Simon Pérot et Etienne Ubaud

From school benches to the takeover of an estate… The Canailles estate is above all two friends passionate about the lands of Beaujolais. Magnify the Gamay and the Chardonnay, Simon Perrot and Etienne Ubaud know how to do and it's very “funky”.


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Bouteille de vin rouge metro boulot beaujo
Metro, Boulot, Beaujo 2020 - Domaine des Canailles
Vin rouge
Vin en biodynamieVin naturel
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Simon Pérot and Etienne Ubaud, conquering South Beaujolais

From studies to the management of an estate, the two friends have gone through some good years together. It's a duo that complements each other perfectly. One is more oriented towards the vines (Simon), and the second towards the sommelier and the trade. Between them they produce natural Beaujolais wines in their image, Chardonnay and Gamay full of energy and conviviality!

The beautiful story of the Canailles estate

It was on the school benches in 2010 that the story of Simon Pérot and Etienne Ubaud began, when they met in bachelor degree selling wines and spirits. Everyone will go their own way first. Simon will gain experience first in the cellar, then especially with different winegrowers where he will continue his training in this world of wine. He will first move to Anjou at the Grandes Vignes estate, then to Burgundy with Claire Naudin Ferrand, then in the Rhone Valley with Andre Perret.
Finally he will take over the management of the Bel Air high school estate in Beaujolais. It was not until 2019 that he decided to settle down. The vines of Jacques Paires in the Beaujolais are then on his way, he decides to take over the vineyard which has already been in organic farming since 2005.
As for Etienne, he made his mark in Toulouse rather on the sommelier side, before leaving for three years around the world.
The beginning of Les Canailles therefore began in 2019 when Etienne joined Simon at the estate for the harvest, in Ternand in the south of Beaujolais, in the famous “Pierres Dorées” sector.

The vineyard of the Canailles estate

It is therefore 30km away from Lyon that the vineyards of the Canailles estate are located, vines which have been organic since 2005. And since the recovery in 2019, Simon Pérot has decided to turn to biodynamics. The 8 hectares of vines are located on granite soils between 450 and 550 meters above sea level.
The vinifications are carried out with the greatest respect for the grapes. There is no input, no filtration, or fining. There is a slight addition of sulfur during bottling only if necessary. At the Canailles estate we produce gourmet wines, pure juices without filters.

The Canailles estate and natural wine

Dream realized, estate taken over, Simon and Etienne embark on the vinification of their wines. You will discover spontaneous wines, gourmet wines, naughty wines. The Beaujolais soil appears in the glass, it's a successful bet. The vinification of their wines is totally natural, they intervene as little as possible.
They will make bottles that are just as funky as each other, such as the Metro, Boulot, Beaujo 2020 bottle. This 100% Gamay with white juice comes from a whole harvest, it went through a semi-carbonic maceration and there was aging in vats. A pretty Beaujolais from old vines, crunchy, vibrant. This bottle is the pleasure bottle of the estate.
There is also the Vieille Canaille 2020 bottle (also to be enjoyed in magnum), still on the same Beaujolais grape variety, Gamay. From vines over 70 years old, this Beaujolais red wine has undergone maceration in infusion, then aging in vats. A juice with a pronounced gluttony, but also elegance with more structured notes, a very energizing wine.
There is not only Gamay at the Canailles estate, there is also a small hectare of Chardonnay. Simon and Etienne then produced the White Side Of The Moon 2020 vintage. Coming from soils that are also granitic, and from young vines, this Chardonnay has aged 25% in barrels and the rest in vats. A rich and aromatic Beaujolais white wine, a white wine in their image, with lots of pep. It is a nice expression of the terroir, and there is a nice maturity.
Extremely funky juices from these school friends, red Beaujolais wines as we like, on the fruit, fresh and delicious. Epi-curieux is happy to be able to offer you these wines!

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