Domaine Chevillard

Domaine Chevillard

Matthieu Goury

Matthieu Goury, owner of the Chevillard estate, offers exceptional wines, wines grown with passion on the hillsides of Saint-Jean-de-la-porte in Savoy.


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Bouteille de vin blanc Apremont
Apremont 2019 - Domaine de Chevillard
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The story of Matthieu Goury

It was in the hamlet of Chevillard that Matthieu Goury set out to conquer his passion: making wines on the magnificent soils of the Combe de Savoie.
Coming from a family of winegrowers, Matthieu first left to enrich himself with experiences around the world such as Canada and Australia, as well as in Savoy. Thanks to this solid background, it allows him to gradually acquire different plots of family land and build his much desired vineyard.
A project rarely succeeds alone, Matthieu Goury embarked on the adventure with his partner, Guillemette Renard. A complementary duo thanks to Guillemette's training in herbal medicine, which allows her to make all the herbal preparations herself.

The Chevillard estate, respectful of plants and soil life

The Chevillard estate operates 10 hectares of vines, all of which has been organic since 2017, and biodynamic since 2020.
Matthieu Goury wants to be the least interventionist possible in his vines, there are no pesticides, no chemical inputs. Its vines, located not far from the Massif des Bauges, are cultivated in a reasoned and respectful way. The methods used are traditional, there are no machines.
During the winemaking, the role of Matthieu and Guillemette is also to be a guide in the transformation of grapes into wine. There are very few interventions, the goal is to let the soil and the grape varieties express themselves as well as possible. Matthieu Goury and his companion simply want to highlight wines with an exceptional character, complex, varied, fine, elegant wines. Wines in the image of Savoy, but also in the image of the duo.

From the vine to the cellar, a season separates them

To optimize the maturation of the grapes but also to work with the greatest respect for the environment and the life of the soil, at the Domaine de Chevillard, only traditional methods are used. The work is done by hand, the preparations to protect the vine are made from plants thanks to Guillemette Renard.
Once the grapes have been picked, winemaking can begin and always in a respectful approach. The grapes are raised in barrels during all the stages of winemaking: fermentation by indigenous yeasts, manual mechanical pressing for the reds, as well as a moderate use of wood in order to allow each vat to express itself in authentic and single.
Reminder: Before marketing, all wines are aged for one year in barrels and one year in bottle.

Chevillard estate wines

Matthieu, who comes from a family of winegrowers, has developed multiple experiences in the work of the vine and now has his own estate. He makes wines where grape varieties are produced only in Savoy such as Mondeuse, Altesse and Jacquère.
Thus, delicious natural red wine such as the Mondeuse St Jean de la Porte 2017 is born to give life to a wine of great intensity.
There are also white wines, such as the Roussette de Savoie 2018 that you absolutely have to discover. A subtle and elegant wine that swims on a bitter bed with citrus peel on the finish.
To discover these wines, go to our Epicurieux showroom located at 130 Chemin des Primevères in Challes-les-eaux, 10 minutes away from Chambery.

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