Domaine 47°N3°E - Guillaume Michaut

Domaine 47°N3°E - Guillaume Michaut

Guillaume Michaut works the vines planted by his father and grandfather with one and the same vision: to respect the terroir and the minimum of intervention in winemaking. And we confirm that the Chablis from the 47°N3°E estate are magical.


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Bouteille de vin rouge Chablis
Chablis 2021 - Domaine 47°N3°E - Guillaume Michaut
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The youth of Chablis

Located at the crossroads of latitude 47° North and longitude 3° East in Burgundy, Guillaume works alone 3hectares of vines in the Chablis region. Vines planted by his father and grandfather. Respect for the soil, minimum intervention in vinification and sincere, fresh and digestible Chablis.

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