Clément Bony

Discover the wines of Clément Bony from the Bonyvresse estate. He vinifies Languedoc-Roussillon grapes using Syrah, Grenache Noir, Macabeu, Vermentino and Grenache Blanc. Natural wines under the expression of fruit and freshness. To discover!


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Bouteille de vin rouge les allers à
€13,50 €15,00
Les Allers à 2021 - Bonyvresse
Languedoc - Roussillon
Vin rouge
Vin naturelVin sans sulfites ajoutés
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Bouteille de vin rouge Brume électrique
Brume électrique 2022 - Bonyvresse
Languedoc - Roussillon
Vin rouge
Vin naturelVin sans sulfites ajoutés
Bouteille de vin rouge Nuit de Feu
Nuit de feu 2022 - Bonyvresse
Languedoc - Roussillon
Vin rouge
Vin naturel
Bouteille de vin blanc Soleil, le vent
Soleil, le vent - Bonyvresse
Languedoc - Roussillon
Vin blanc
Vin naturel

Clément Bony and natural wine

Globe Trotter, passionate about natural wine, about soils, Clément Bony returns to France to import his wines from Italy but also to create his own wines, wines in his image. It is in Riedisheim, in Alsace, that he has settled down, and his trade wines are to be obtained quickly!

Bonyvresse by Clement Bony

The love story between wine and Clément Bony began in 2010 when he completed an internship at the Domaine des Prés Lasses. An experience that will be revealing to him, Clément wants to make wines! Until 2013 he will continue his studies, notably in Montpellier, then in Strasbourg to discover the sommellerie. It was during this training that he discovered natural wine, so a new passion was born. Then he will end up around the world to learn about natural wine and continue to gain experience in the vineyards.
In 2018, leaving around the world, Clément Bony first landed in Italy at the Farnea estate in Veneto.
It is therefore in the vineyards that he will train, with Marco Buratti, a winemaker installed not far from the city of Padua. Marco Buratti makes wines that do not fit into the boxes of Italian traditions, he produces wines with the greatest respect for the environment and without chemical inputs.
The Italian adventure continues at Cantina Giardino, near Naples and Vesuvius. This area is located at altitude and is also operated in a traditional way. 2019, which means a new year for Clément Bony, also means new projects. Here he is in Australia, at the Momento Mori estate in the state of Victoria. There, he will develop his winemaking skills and produce his first bottle, Les Chemins de Traverse. In 2020, he is flying to a new country, New Zealand. He will continue to learn in viticulture in the Waipara region but also in sommellerie in Christchurch. That same year, he will return to Australia at the Momento Mori estate to rack his tank, but also to perpetuate the second vintage. Increasingly comfortable with this environment, Clément Bony vinifies a second time, buys more grapes with the Momento Mori estate, works on another bottle, macerated whites.
April 2020, the end of his journey has come, Clément Bony returns to France to give himself a chance to make his own wines.
Before this new chapter, Clément acquires another experience in Roussillon, in the Domaine du Possible, with Loïc Roure. There, he was also able to make his own bottles and thus gain even more know-how. He will also meet many winegrowers as passionate as him, winegrowers who do not want to fit in, winegrowers who work from the living.
The idea of ​​Bonyvresse was already maturing in the head of Clément Bony, long before his return to France. So making his own wine and importing the wine he also made in Italy was simply obvious and a logical follow-up to all these experiences. Bonyvresse was then born at the end of 2021, when Clément Bony moved to Riedisheim in the Haut-Rhin.

Discovering the world with Bonyvresse

Bonyvresse created by Clément Bony was first able to import his work done around the world, in particular following his good sharing relationships with the Cantina Giardino estate.
Bonyvresse also allows him to vinify organic grapes in his own way, which he buys from winegrowers who also work with the values ​​that Clément Bony upholds. He also wishes to have the possibility of importing his Australian wines to make the French travel through these juices of the world.
Clément Bony wants to set up his own estate and harvest his own grapes in a few years, but for the moment he retains the freedom to choose who he works with, and vinifies his wines as he wishes.
Thanks to his passion for the soils, his passion for vinifying, Clément Bony offers the bottle Les Allers in 2021. This blend of Syrah and Grenache Noir comes from Roussillon, the balance between the two is just perfect. Short maceration for this fresh and fruity juice. There is also the Le Monde de Près 2021 vintage. This natural white wine also comes from Roussillon, from a blend of Maccabeu, Vermentino, both directly pressed, with 50% maceration of Grenache blanc and Vermentino. Gluttony, pleasure, everything is there!

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