Découvrez les vins méthode nature : des vins purs et authentiques

Get to know the natural method wines: pure and authentic wines

Aug 07, 2023epi-curieux

Known rather as natural wine, it is full of techniques that allow you to create a unique juice.

The natural method wine is distinguished by its purity and authenticity. In this article, we will see what nature method wine is, its production principles and the reasons why it is becoming a star product for wine lovers.

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What is natural method wine?

The natural method wine is a wine made from the principles of organic and biodynamic farming.

Unlike conventional wines, organic and biodynamic farming banishes chemical inputs to the vines and to winemaking. In the vineyard, only plant-based treatments are used, and during vinification, only indigenous yeasts (yeasts present naturally on the grapes) are involved. The intervention of man on natural method wines is minimized as much as possible. Its main role is to guide the wine during its transformation.

The principles of natural method wine production

The winemakers use a natural method with environmentally friendly practices, such as organic and biodynamic farming.

As far as organic farming is concerned, no chemical input is used in the vineyard, human intervention is also done in a traditional way. For biodynamics, the practices are still different. We take into account the entire ecosystem: soils, plants, animals, moon, etc. Pesticides, chemical inputs are excluded, only herbal preparations are used, all according to a very specific lunar calendar. A healthy environment for healthy wines.

During vinification, the wine is often unfiltered, unsulfured. The preservation of aromas is natural and this is felt in the juice.

The benefits of natural method wine

The natural method wine offers a unique taste experience thanks to the exclusion of chemicals and additives.

It allows the natural aromas of the grapes to develop, offering varied aromatic profiles according to a soil, a grape variety, a vintage.

In addition, lovers of natural method wine appreciate the drinkable side of these juices. These wines are not marked by alcohol, they are refreshing wines, which is expected of a natural method wine.

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Our advice for choosing a good natural method wine

Choose winegrowers known for their commitment to organic and/or biodynamic practices.

Explore the different regions that specialize in natural wine such as Domaine Geschickt in Alsace (France) or Domaine Tanca els Ulls in Spain.

Don't hesitate to ask a wine merchant for a more personalized selection or ask Topo our robot sommelier who selects 3 good natural wines according to your preferences.

In summary, the natural method wine is much more than a simple drink, it is a real taste experience. It is above all a production method that aims to respect the balance of the ecosystem and the cycles of nature in order to have natural wines with authentic and exceptional flavors.

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