Vins d'Envie

Vins d'Envie

Two bottles that you will no longer have the opportunity to taste after this vintage, the estate no longer exists. But the alliance Maxime Dancoine and Guillaume Lavie will have filled us with the time of vinification.


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Cap au Sud 2020 - Vins d'Envie
Cap au Sud 2020 - Vins d'Envie
Vin rouge
Vin en biodynamieVin naturel
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Vins d'Envie, Wine of friends

Associations between two winemaker friends, Maxime Dancoine and Guillaume Lavie. The estate no longer exists today, the two friends have settled on their side: Maxime in Aiton in Savoy and Guillaume has returned to Muscadet. The Vins d'Envie have always been wines for friends, fresh, gourmet and digestible!

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