Sylvie Augereau

Sylvie Augereau

Author, journalist specializing in wine and organizer of wine fairs, Sylvie Augereau does everything herself. She works on 1.5 hectares of vines to bring out the purest expression of Chenin, closer to nature. She makes rare and incredibly delicious wines.


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Bouteille de vin rouge les manquants
Les Manquants 2021 - Sylvie Augereau
Vallée de la Loire
Vin rouge
Vin naturelVin sans sulfites ajoutés
Bouteille de vin blanc Pulpes Chenin Sous Voile
Pulpes Chenin Sous Voile 2017 - Sylvie Augereau
Vallée de la Loire
Vin blanc
Vin naturelVin sans sulfites ajoutés
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Bouteille de vin rouge Réjouissances
Réjouissances 2023 - Sylvie Augereau
Vallée de la Loire
Vin rouge
Vin naturelVin sans sulfites ajoutés
Bouteille de vin blanc Pulpes
Pulpes 2021 - Sylvie Augereau
Vallée de la Loire
Vin blanc
Vin naturelVin sans sulfites ajoutés
Pack "La grande classe" - 6 bouteilles
Pack "La grande classe" - 6 bouteilles
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Sylvie Augereau and natural wine

She likes to call herself “Raisinophile”, she does not fit into one and the same box, just like her wines. Wines that are as sublime as they are rare… Sylvie Augereau is an emblematic female figure in the world of natural wine, an iconic spokesperson for the Loire. In short, if you don't know, it's time to jump on it, it goes quickly.

The unique story of Sylvie Augereau

She is where she always wanted to be today. Sylvie Augereau is a lover of the Loire, a lover of natural wines and this is felt through her own wines, but not only.
It was between Saumur and Angers, in the village of Thoureil, that Sylvie settled down in 2014. Its 1.5 hectares of hillsides overlook the Loire, a daydream for this passionate winegrower. Sylvie had to be patient to manage to work these vines that she has always loved so much. She waited almost twenty years for her grandfather to bequeath her vines for rent. Becoming a winegrower yes, but it was only there that she wanted to become one. 1.5 hectares for some is little, for her it is more than enough. Sylvie Augereau never wanted to be certified, but she does everything herself, from the vine, to the bottle label, to the winemaking. She pampers her corner of paradise as she likes to call it, she takes care of her “very old, very twisted, very tortured” vines alone.
A project that Sylvie leads to perfection from A to Z, a talent that is recognized throughout the world, and by the difficulty in obtaining one of her bottles. Sylvie Augereau makes wines in her own image, wines full of passion, free, lively and natural.
Sylvie Augereau also forms a nice duo in life, with Nicolas Réau, also a renowned winemaker in the Loire.
But why does she stop at just one hat when you can have several. Sylvie also endorses the cap of author, journalist specializing in wine and also organizer of wine fairs. But it will still give an advance to its role in the vineyards. Nature does not wait, she continues on her way, others can wait. Sylvie therefore wrote a book released in 2018 “Wine, by those who make it, for those who drink it”. It's a bit of an ode to love for wine, for this profession of winegrower, one more moment when she shares her passion for this environment.
In addition to writing books, Sylvie Augereau is also a journalist specializing in wine. In love with Loire wines like no one else, Sylvie wrote this famous phrase “No one is supposed to ignore the Loire”. Did you recognize?
And finally, Sylvie Augereau organizes natural wine fairs, and the best known in France and the world, La Dive Bouteille. Installed in the Ackerman cellars, this show brings together a very large number of natural winegrowers from France and elsewhere, wine merchants, restaurants, amateurs. All lovers of natural wine meet in Saumur for this event which has become more than a fair but a real gathering.

The wines of Sylvie Augereau

Sylvie Augereau works only 1.5 hectares of vines, but she works the whole thing alone. A meticulous work that she likes to undertake.
She raises her wines half in old barrels and half in new and noble wood. She makes rare wines, honest wines that we want you to discover. Sylvie Augereau's wines are obviously without added sulfur, sulfur is prohibited or authorized sparingly in the exploitation.
Rare wines have to be earned, Epicurieux is proud to be able to offer you the Pulpes 2020 bottle. A 100% Chenin to get very quickly for fans of this variety. A confidential bottle from century-old vines, gently pressed and aged for two years in barrels. Fresh, aromatic, tense finish... Need more to convince you?
Sylvie Augereau's wines are rare, incredibly delicious and we understand why at Epicurieux.

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