Sonshine Wines and Domaine des Sonnettes

Sonshine Wines and Domaine des Sonnettes

When love and wine meet! Welcome to Bugey at Lisanne Van Son and Edouard Gouyette, where biodiversity is queen! Discover superb natural wines with travel flavors!


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Bouteille de vin blanc Blanksia
Blanksia 2021 - Sonshine - Lisanne Van Son
Vin blanc
Vin naturel

Meet two wine lovers

Two married natural wine enthusiasts, does it suggest sincere and authentic juices, doesn't it?
The Domaine des Sonnettes was born from the love of Edouard Gouyette and Lisanne Van Son. It's a bit of a breath of fresh air blowing through the heart of the magnificent Bugey region, in the Bevieur valley. But Lisanne's story does not stop at Bugey, it began before with her trading activity with such a significant name: Sonshine Wines, in the Loire , Alsace and not only..
A ray of sunshine in the world of natural wine, and here are juices filled with delicacies and warmth!

The story of Lisanne Van Son, Sonshine Wines

Lisanne Van Son, as her name suggests, was not really born in French vineyards, but rather in the Netherlands. A former traveling sommelier, she made her mark for 10 years in major hotels in Great Britain, Belgium, and of course in the Netherlands. It was during these years that she was able to meet many winegrowers who shared her passion for the profession, but also their vision, between those who make natural wine or not. One meeting was more particularly decisive in these life choices, the one of Noëlla Morantin. Lisanne joined Noella in Montlouis, in the Loire, to discover the profession of winegrower. It is chained the beautiful meetings for Lisanne Van Son; especially with great winegrowers like Tony Baindrige (student of the renowned René Mosse), but also Lise and Bertrand Jousset. Lisanne Van Son comes to the conclusion: “ I would like to make my own wine too”. The Dutch sommelier then decided to settle in France in 2017, and more particularly in Touraine (Loire) to make her own wines.
She will go through the studies box again, passing a viticultural baccalaureate in Amboise (not without difficulty, the courses being 100% in French). But thanks to the passion for wine, Lisanne obtained her diploma.

Sonshine wines winemaking

Lisanne Van Son had already explored winemaking techniques before her diploma, by creating micro bottles. But after this one, she was able to settle in her own troglodyte cellar (typical cellar of the Pays de la Loire), in Noizay.
Thus begins the adventure of Sonshine wines in the Loire. A Dutch traveler, Lisanne does not stop at France. She will also go for a walk in Australia in 2018, to join winegrower friends in the hills of Adelaide. Lisanne will love this experience so much that she will also start trading there. A project that saw the light of the day in 2019 with the first Australian sales.
In Loire and Alsace, Lisanne Van Son buys grapes from her friends. These are not her vines, but she works there as if they were her own. It undertakes to find the best grapes by going to get them from winegrowers who cultivate their vines organically, or even biodynamically. Lisanne Van Son harvests with them, she wants to be as respectful as possible of what the vines offer her.
The work continues with as much respect in the cellar. Sonshine wines intervenes as little as possible during the winemaking process. The wines ferment thanks to the indigenous yeasts found on the grapes and in the vine. There is no input during vinification (if necessary during bottling, there may be a hint of sulfur added).

The Sonshine Wines 

Wines with sunny flavors, pure juices that Lisanne Van Son makes in a natural way, and with a lot of love.
Blanksia 2020 is its 100% Chardonnay bottle, grapes grown in Athée sur Cher, in organic farming. Sonshine wines decides to press directly and ages this natural white wine in vats to keep all this saline freshness, a chardonnay that feels good!
Blanksia 2021 changes from the previous vintage, and it's a blend of Muscat and Riesling this time (Alsace when you have us!). A gourmet, fresh white wine, another great success for Lisanne Van Son.
Sonshine Vins offers Petal 2020, a blend of Grolleau Gris (Anjou) and Muscat Rouge (Alsace). The red Muscat is pressed directly, as for the Grolleau gris, it benefits from a 10-day maceration in whole bunches, the whole thing is then aged in vats. What is it for? To get a bomb of fruit in the mouth, freshness and finesse.
Hasta La Vizsla 2020 is a natural sparkling wine from Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc! A small amount of sugar, a fermentation that ends in the bottle, and here is a sparkling wine very well balanced between delicate aromas and a nice tension. Successful appetizer!
Sonshine wines offers Beau Goss 2020, a Cabernet Franc (Lussault sur Loire) destemmed for 14-day maceration in vats, one-year winemaking process in barrels (5 wines) to keep the tannins but bring out the delicate and elegant side of this wine ripe and complex.

The story of the Domaine des Sonnettes

It is partly thanks to her adoption in the Loire that Lisanne Van Son meets Edouard Gouyette. They both worked in the vineyard, and a second love was born. First there are the vines, the natural wine, and now there are them.
Edouard, a former aeronautical maintenance engineer, converted to the study of viticulture and oenology. Curious too, he trained with several winegrowers, and found himself in the vineyards of Lise and Bertrand Jousset, like Lisanne. Then the opportunity presents itself to them; complementary profiles, a certain know-how, a passion and a vision of common winemaking, the adventure of the Domaine des Sonnettes begins.
Lisanne and Edouard set off to settle in the heart of Bugey, in the Bévieur valley. They acquire an area of ​​4 hectares of vines, which is now in organic conversion. Sloping hillsides which are already well surrounded, thanks to the pastures, and the forests located in the surroundings.
When they arrive, the couple want to develop all this biodiversity to have the healthiest possible grapes. They will then plant flowers and fruit trees, install hives. A desire to grow their vines in a sustainable environment, to best express their grape varieties; Gamay, Poulsard, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Natural, fresh, pure wines, for beautiful moments of sharing!

The wines of the Domaine des Sonnettes

Lisanne and Edouard of the Domaine des Sonnettes want to be as respectful as possible and as little interventionist as possible, both in the vineyard and in the winemaking.
As Lisanne says; “Wines live their lives and my job is to guide them in the right direction .”
From this new life in Bugey was born the Gros Pif 2021 bottle. It is a blend of all the estate's grape varieties: Poulsard, Gamay, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The only vintage of 2021, due to the terrible weather conditions. A sparkling wine as we like, greedy, fresh. Enjoy!
A great alliance for these two natural wine enthusiasts for an estate with a promising future, and Sonshine wines which continues to dazzle with its fresh bottles!

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