Elisa Guerin

Elisa Guerin

A breath of fresh air in the Moulin à Vent appellation in Beaujolais thanks to the meticulous Élisa Guérin. It guides you through its straight and complex Gamay, clean wines with a promising future.


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Bouteille de vin rouge Moulin à vent la vigne de mon père
Moulin à Vent "La vigne de mon père" 2021 - Elisa Guerin
Vin rouge
Vin en biodynamie
Bouteille de vin rouge moulint à vent les thorins
Moulin à Vent - Les Thorins 2020 - Elisa Guerin
Vin rouge
Vin bioVin naturel
Bouteille de vin rouge Chiroubles
Chiroubles 2021 - Elisa Guerin
Vin rouge
Vin bioVin naturel
Bouteille de vin rouge Moulin à vent les thorins
€19,80 €22,00
Moulin à vent "Les Thorins" 2021 - Elisa Guerin
Vin rouge
Vin en biodynamie
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A breath of fresh air in the Moulin à Vent appellation thanks to Elisa Guérin!

Convinced by organic and nature, Elisa Guérin took over part of the family estate with a lot of convictions, including that of switching the vineyard to organic farming. It is therefore in 2018 that about 3 hectares of the estate takes a new turn. Elisa then produces straight, complex and local wines, with a lot of humility. A real revival in the Moulin à Vent sectors! To discover on epicurieux.

A passionate winemaker

Daughter of a winegrower, Elisa was not meant to be a winegrower and to take over the family estate.
Sensitive to ecology, it was in high school that Elisa Guérin discovered natural wine. Graduated with a Licence in biological engineering and agronomy spent in Lyon, she then obtained an engineering degree at Agrosup Dijon before leaving for a 6-month internship in England to study the impact of global warming on the vines.
It is therefore in Beaujolais that it grew up, and will continue to evolve, alongside the daughters and sons of natural wine revolutionaries. She was then enriched by these encounters that became friendships, and it was thanks to them that she became more firmly rooted in the natural wine movement. Ophélie Dutraive, Alex Foillard and Jules Métras, Sylvain Chanudet are therefore part of his daily life. Names known as the white wolf in the world of natural wine.
But it is not towards the vines that she will head first. Elisa Guérin will first settle in 2017 in Paris and work for Terroir d'Avenir. Thanks to this experience, she will meet many heads in the restaurant industry, but not only. It will continue to grow thanks to the visions of producers, sustainable visions.
It is therefore in 2018 that she launches, not without conviction, and with a lot of volonteer in the family estate. She joins her father at the estate, and immediately imposes the transition to organic farming.
I have always found it inadmissible to pollute the soil for a product of pleasure”, Elisa Guérin. Her father, Philippe Guérin, worked conventionally but as Elisa says, he treated the vines but plowed between the rows. The vine, in short, was in good health when it resumed. In the process, Elisa grows two organic plots. The 4.5 hectares under the Moulin à Vent and Chiroubles crus will also be converted to organic farming. She will also buy grapes in Beaujolais-Villages, always in an approach that respects the environment. Élisa then becomes a natural winegrower and spokesperson for an exceptional soil.

The wines and the vineyard of the Elisa Guérin estate

She was not meant to take over her father's estate, especially having two brothers as well. But it is indeed Elisa who takes up the torch, and with determination to direct the vineyard towards a culture that respects the environment. It does not stop at the vines, it also engages in winemaking without chemical inputs. Nature is at the heart of her vision.
There are different bottles at the Elisa Guérin estate, including the great bottle, the Moulin à Vent les Thorins 2020. Located on a slight slope and sandy granite soil, formed of quartz and red clay, this wine has everything to gain with time. Hot vintage, she knew how to tame it with in particular a time in barrel. At the time, this soil was as famous as Gevrey-Chambertin today.
Second bottle that we offer you at Epi-curieux, the Moulin à Vent La Vigne de mon père 2020. From the oldest vines on the estate (the estate has been in the family since the 1900s), this 100% Gamay has undergone semi-carbonic maceration on whole bunches, aged and fermented in concrete vats. A great success!
Elisa Guérin, in addition to cultivating vines in the Moulin à Vent appellation, also cultivates vines in the Chiroubles appellation. Here is this Chiroubles 2021 vinified in the same way as the other vintages of the estate. A Gamay full of freshness that holds both by its spicy profile and by its silky fruitiness. Elisa has won her bet, the soil is felt in each of her bottles.
Finally, there's the 2021 Beaujolais-Villages, a bottle that comes from grapes that Elisa buys. 60 years old, all vinified the Elisa way, then aged for 8 months, without filtration. Beaujolais-Villages all in fruit, a touch of acidity which reveals the freshness of the vintage, very beautiful Gamay, crunchy and alive.

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