Domaine Jean-Baptiste Senat

Domaine Jean-Baptiste Senat

From Paris to Minervois there is only one step, especially to express a know-how like that of Jean-Baptiste Senat. Natural wines with flavors of Carignan, Grenache, wines that call for the sun. To discover!


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Ornicar 2021 - Domaine Jean-Baptiste Senat
Ornicar 2021 - Domaine Jean-Baptiste Senat
Languedoc - Roussillon
Vin rouge
Vin bio
Arbalète et Coquelicot 2022 - Domaine Jean-Baptiste Senat
Arbalète et Coquelicot 2022 - Domaine Jean-Baptiste Senat
Languedoc - Roussillon
Vin rouge
Vin bio

Freshness and delicacy at Domaine Jean-Baptiste Senat

I am an impostor who seeks the truth of the land ” JB Senat. From his Parisian life to the love of the countryside, Jean-Baptiste Sénat took only one step. He opts for healthy soil, methods that respect nature, and offers us sincere wines. This meeting between a soil and a man, which has existed for 30 years now, is a great success. A change of life, followed by his wife Charlotte, Jean-Baptiste Senat is an accomplished natural winemaker.
This couple has the ambition to revive their abandoned lands, by cultivating wines with the scent of scrubland.
To discover the expression of the Minervois, find the wines of Jean-Baptiste and Charlotte Senat on the website!

The story of Senat natural wines

After many years of studying history and political science, Jean-Baptiste Senat left the French capital in 1995. He chose love for nature and its roots, and moved to the Minervois. More precisely to the east of Carcassonne at the foot of the black mountain, he decides to put down his suitcases with his wife Charlotte, where he will take over the family estate. A close friend also decides to leave Parisian life to join Jean-Baptiste in Trausse-Minervois. They structure the cellar there and, this one will teach Jean-Baptiste more about the profession of winegrower. Jean-Baptiste Senat will then make several visits to winegrowers, inspiring encounters for him. These meetings as well as the reading of the famous Jules Chauvet quickly push him to make cultural choices. Today, the entire estate is led towards organic farming and it has been Ecocert certified since 2005. A set of choices that proves its authenticity and its commitment to nature.
An investment equally shared by his wife Charlotte, who since 2004 has brought together a group of winegrower friends who share their love of the soil and wines with conviviality. Established in 1995, Jean Baptiste Senat carries out its first harvests, its first vintage will then be marketed in 1996.
We find wines without artifice, it intervenes little in the process of vinification. His wife Charlotte, who followed him to the Minervois, also works at the Jean-Baptiste Senat estate. It is involved in the marketing of wines and on the administrative side.

The Languedoc wine region

The grape varieties used by Domaine Jean-Baptiste Senat reflect the Mediterranean identity of the Minervois soil in which they work. They promote Grenache on fertile land, they also use Cinsault, Chenin, Carignan and Mourvèdre. These grape varieties come to life on clay-limestone soils and siliceous lentils of the Garrigue.
During the period of the harvest which is done manually, there is a reflection on the stages of marketing and the work of the vine for the following years. There is a continual questioning of the work of the vine to improve its life. Jean-Baptiste realized that there was no need to add more, nor to tire the vine with extraction techniques. The principles of biodynamics matches very well with his non-interventionist philosophy, in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. The work of the vine is done with respect for the surrounding environment: soft pruning, old-fashioned weeding by 'decavaillonnage' with a plow.
It is necessary for the estate to cultivate in this way, listening to the land. Fermentation with native yeasts is most often carried out in whole bunches, this allows the aromas, freshness and finesse of the tannins to be retained.
Jean Baptiste knew how to find his style, sincere, straight and frank... in his image, he makes lively, fresh, elegant wines which have "the face" of their soil.

The wines of Jean-Baptiste Senat

Jean-Baptiste Senat wants to be as less interventionist as possible during the winemaking process, to give freedom to the wine to create amazing flavors. No synthetic product, no input intervenes in its wines.
They offer us organic wines from the Minervois appellation.
Aux Amis de Ma Sœur 2021 is a sunny and gourmet white wine, with aromas of white fruit, citrus notes, which invites you to go on vacation. Blend of Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris and Chenin.
L'enclos de l'âne 2019 comes from old Grenache grapes selected by Charlotte and Jean-Baptiste Senat. Magnificent concentration and elegance with always this signature of an intact and captivating fruit.
Ornicar 2020 is a beautiful marriage between Grenache and Carignan, a nice balance between concentration, spice and freshness. Available in magnums.
Amalgame 2021 is a blend of Grenache and a little of Cinsault. A fresh and flowery bottle, with spring notes. Available in magnums.
La Nine 2020 (means "the darling") is a pretty hug of ripe fruit, typically Languedoc with scents of garrigue and spicy notes. Blend of Carignan, Grenache and Cinsault. Available in magnum only.
Arbalète et Coquelicot 2021 is a bomb of fruit like a spring fragrance, to be enjoyed fresh. Composed mainly of Grenache with Cinsault and Carignan. A treat for lovers of light, fruity and sunny wines.
Le Bois des Merveilles 2019 is an alliance of Grenache and Carignan. The wood (called "wood of wonders" by the children) borders the vines and brings a particularity to the soil for a great depth to this bottle, a great finesse, while keeping power.
Hors Champs 2020 is in the same spirit as Arbalète and Coquelicot, Hors Champs however has a little more body but keeps the same DNA. This autumn 2015 bottle will accompany your simple dishes and grilled meats with friends.

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