Domaine Ledogar

Domaine Ledogar

Mathieu et Xavier Ledogar

Do you want digestible and light wines in Languedoc-Roussillon? Yes, it is possible with the Ledogar brothers who handle biodynamics wonderfully on the soil of Corbières.


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Tout Nature 2021 - Domaine Ledogar
Tout Nature 2021 - Domaine Ledogar
Languedoc - Roussillon
Vin rouge
Vin en biodynamie
Ledogar 2019 - Domaine Ledogar
Ledogar 2019 - Domaine Ledogar
Languedoc - Roussillon
Vin rouge
Vin en biodynamie
La Compagnon 2021 - Domaine Ledogar
€13,05 €14,50
La Compagnon 2021 - Domaine Ledogar
Languedoc - Roussillon
Vin rouge
Vin en biodynamie
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Ledogar estate, a family story

The story of the Ledogar estate began some time ago, in 1997, on the soils of Corbières, thanks to the two brothers, Mathieu and Xavier.
Located in the Languedoc in Ferrals les Corbières, on the Boutenac soil, the Ledogar estate is a family estate. The family has been working the vines for several generations now.
Previously, the estate was a cooperative winery founded by great-grandfather Ledogar. The estate continues to evolve with his son André, the father of Xavier and Mathieu.
After having all his vacations in the vineyard when he was younger, Xavier has always been passionate about the profession of winegrower. Indeed, not being a big fan of school, Xavier did not show up on the day of his science baccalaureate because he already knew the path he wanted to follow: to work with his winegrower father, in the vineyard. He then worked with André from 1993 to 1998.
The year 1998 marked a turning point. Xavier and André buy a cellar and begin their first vinification. Thereafter, Xavier will then take his independence, and will continue to train but with different winegrowers, from different regions. It is during this intership that he will understand the wines he wishes to make, elegant, fine and digestible wines.
Xavier Ledogar will return to the estate with the idea of ​​enhancing the wines of Corbières, the wines of the Ledogar estate.
In 2001, he was joined by Mathieu, his brother, a former mechanical companion.
Finally, in 2018, the family story continues, Benoît, the brother of Mathieu and Xavier Ledogar, joins the siblings, after a career in the army. They then represent the fifth generation of winegrowers in the family.
Today, the Ledogar estate is made up of twenty-two hectares, run by talented winegrowers who manage to fully showcase the Corbières soil through quality natural wines.

The two brothers magnify the Corbières appellation

Currently the Ledogar estate includes twenty-two hectares of vines and is located at 85% in the Corbières appellation. The estate also recalls a beautiful particularity: two-thirds of the property is made up of Carignan and Grenache, whose age is between 60 and 130 years old!
The vineyard covers limestone clays, mixed with rolled pebbles and red sandstone from the Corbières-Boutenac appellation soil. The soils, which are not very fertile, are very favorable to the aromatic expression of the old Carignans.
The Ledogar estate uses around ten grape varieties typical of the region. Among the red grape varieties, we find the Carignan (40%), Cinsault (10%), Syrah (15%), Marselan (5%), Mourvèdre (15%) and Grenache noir (15%) grape varieties. For white grape varieties, white Carignan is the majority (59%) as well as Macabeu (30%) resulting in white wines of great character. White Grenache (5%), Grey  (5%) and Grey Terrets (1%) are also produced.
Interpretations of the soil very well mastered through complex juices with southern accents that take us on a journey... Note: the kindness of the two brothers is just as much to discover as their wines!

Biodynamics at the heart of the Ledogar estate

In love with their land and with the aim of respecting what nature can offer, the Ledogar brothers practice biodynamics with excellence.
Worked naturally, the vines are treated with herbal teas, clays and rock powder. The harvest is carried out manually with sorting of the grapes. Depending on the vintage, the traditional vinification is scratched or not. For the rest, the indigenous yeasts do their job, no input except a minimum of sulfites for bottling if necessary.
Already working organically since 1998, it was in 2003 that Xavier attempted a first vinification without chemical inputs. Result more than satisfactory! Since then, the winemaker has produced only natural wines. The Ledogar estate subsequently obtained the organic label in 2006.
Nature lovers and convinced that what grows on living soil is good, in 2000, the Ledogar siblings wondered more about improving the life of the soil. This therefore leads to a reflection on the impact passed on to the vines and therefore to the wines.
The Ledogar family prefers to return to the ancestral work to maintain the soils and the vines. Thus, the harvest is done by hand, the vines are treated and cared for with herbal teas of nettle, comfrey or even horsetail. The biodynamic method is also adopted by the estate using horn dung and silica in small quantities to give the plant and the soil information related to the cosmic system. Result: a more beautiful, revived plant and more airy soil. A method well suited for remarkable natural wines.

The Ledogar estate wines!

Each bottle has its own identity, its own personality but always with a common denominator: a digestible and light wine.
Let's start with the red wines. The La Compagnon 2020 bottle is a blend of Grenache (60%), Mourvèdre (15%), Carignan (15%) and Syrah (10%). There is as much power as finesse. This bottle in AOC Corbières is the perfect balance for a digestible natural wine that will make you discover this very dynamic appellation!
La Compagnon 2021 brings together the three rich soils of Corbière: Syrah (60%), Carignan (30%) and Grenache (10%). A light, fruity but concentrated vintage. Also to be discovered in Magnum.
La Mariole 2020, a friendly wine with very few sulfites from Carignan, is a pure expression of the soil! Combining delicacy and freshness, this natural wine is to be enjoyed without further delay. To taste also La Mariole 2021.
There is also a bottle without added sulfites which is simply called Tout Nature 2019 or "everything natural". Bearing its name very well, this sulfur-free bottle of Grenache, Carignan and Mourvèdre is a perfect example of a completely controlled natural wine, fruity, with substance and a lot of freshness and very digestible. A must! The Tout Nature 2021 bottle will also win you over.
THE big bottle of the Ledogar brothers on the AOC Corbières Boutenac is obviously the Ledogar 2018 bottle. A more advanced aging to let the soil express itself and give it time to reveal itself even more. A wine of character full of potential! Also to be tasted the Ledogar 2019.
Still in natural red wine, from old vines of Cinsault, Les Brunelles 2020 red wine is a main vintage of the Ledogar brothers with its fruity side, mixed with great finesse, it will satisfy you!
On the natural white wine side, we find the Carignan Blanc 2018. This wine will bring you freshness and energy for a completely sulfur-free juice. Explosive and exciting, congrats to the Ledogar brothers! The Magnum Carignan Blanc 2018 is to be enjoyed just as much!

Natural wines from the Corbières appellation as generous and exciting as the Ledogar brothers. An estate not to be missed and to be obtained quickly on Epicurieux.

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