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The Lajibe estate was born in Lucq-de-Béarn, and it was on the Serres-Seques soil that Jean-Baptiste Semmartin launched himself. Today the estate covers eight hectares, all biodynamic.


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Jurançon sec Les Poudingues 2021 - Mansengs et Compagnie
Jurançon sec Les Poudingues 2021 - Mansengs et Compagnie
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A sportsman at the Lajibe estate

Former sportsman, winegrower who arrived a little late in the vineyards, at we like these atypical stories. Here is the one of Jean-Baptiste Semmartin from the Lajibe estate, an accomplished and recognized winemaker in his South-West region, and more particularly in the Jurançon appellation.

The story of Jean-Baptiste Semmartin

Former high-level fencer, and follower of the gymnasiums in Paris, Jean-Baptiste Semmartin was not predestined to find himself in the vineyards at the age of forty.
It is precisely by surveying the asphalt of all these rooms that Jean-Baptiste Semmartin tells himself that he is not where he would like to be.
Originally from the Southwest, he grew up in the heart of nature, in a simple and enriching way. A bond with nature which is therefore stronger than that of remaining a teacher in Paris. It is therefore quite natural that he passes a Bachelor Viti-Oeno, to then begin internships in the regions of Bordeaux, South-West, then in Burgundy.
It is besides, at the great Emmanuel Giboulot that he will make his new weapons, and that he will confirm his change of life. Rocked by simple and natural things from a very young age, it is quite simply that he turned to clean farming, common sense, and winemaking without chemical inputs. At the good school at Giboulot, he will learn all the techniques that are most respectful of the environment: biodynamics, traditional work in the vines, all very Burgundian.
Despite everything, the appeal of his South-West is stronger. He returns to put his suitcases on his native land, with his wife who joins him, and begins to work in a large estate. It was in 2018 that he started his own business, thanks to a good understanding from his former employer.
The Lajibe estate was therefore born in Lucq-de-Béarn, and it was on the Serres-Seques soil that Jean-Baptiste Semmartin launched himself. Today the estate covers eight hectares, all biodynamic.
Thanks to him, you will discover the Petit and Gros Manseng grape varieties. Unique grapes, for exceptional bottles.

The wines of Jean-Baptiste Semmartin

Very humble, Jean-Baptiste Semmartin knows how to stand aside from nature to better let it express itself. Observant, Cartesian, he learns and feeds on it to produce wines of great energy, authentic, stunning natural wines. Can we say that his wines live up to his kindness?
Jean-Baptiste is part of the elite of Jurançon, and this in a very short time, to show you the quality and precision of his work in the vineyard, as in winemaking.
The entire Lajibe estate is run biodynamically, in total respect for the environment. Jean-Baptiste wants to love what he does above all, and this is reflected in his wines, wines that have become popular and rare.
Basically, his Jurançon Serres-Seques bottle was a sweet wine (first vintage in 2018). But after tasting his grapes, Jean-Baptiste Semmartin thought it would go much better with a dry Jurançon bottle. In this bottle, he highlights the Petit Manseng grape variety, rather suitable for sweet wines (make little juice, and quickly soak up the sun). This Petit Manseng comes from the Serre Secques plot, it means “dry ridge”, the soils are thin (very stony), the plot is very steep and faces the sun. This Petit Manseng was vinified and aged in wood, it waited wisely for a year before seeing the light of day.
A set of reasons that make this wine a very special and unique wine. Generous, complex, crazy energy, Jean-Baptiste Semmartin lets nature express itself through his wines from the Lajibe estate and it shows.

Mansengs and Company

Next to the Lajibe estate, Jean-Baptiste Semmartin started a small trading company, called Mansengs et Compagnie.
From there, Jean-Baptiste collects Gros Manseng grapes, from a plot at a rather high altitude given the geographical location (350m). It is therefore the bottle Les Poudingues en Jurançon dry that Jean-Baptiste Semmartin reveals to us. Les Poudingues, as its name suggests, is therefore a patch of small sedimentary pebbles from the chain of Pyrenean glaciers. An exceptional feature that magnifies the Gros Manseng, which Jean-Baptiste will work with as much rigor and precision as his bottles from the Lajibe estate.
Dense, ample, sharp, a dry Jurançon in all its splendour, the splendor of Jean-Baptiste Semmartin.
Former high-level athlete in gymnasiums, Jean-Baptiste Semmartin of the Lajibe estate has reached the elite of Jurançon with talent. If there are any left, hurry up, his wines are just UNIQUE! Conversely, if it's sold out, patience (at we also hope to have some)!

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