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Gewurztraminer, Riesling… Welcome to Alsace, where these mythical grape varieties are emancipated on exceptional soils, and all tamed by the incredible Geschickt estate. Exceptional!


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Bouteille de vin blanc Riesling
Riesling 2020/21 - Domaine Geschickt
Vin blanc
Vin en biodynamieVin naturelCoup de coeur
Bouteille de vin rouge Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir 2020 - Domaine Geschickt
Vin rouge
Vin en biodynamieVin naturel
Bouteille de vin blanc 6 pieds sur terre
6 Pieds sur Terre 2018 - Domaine Geschickt
Vin blanc
Vin en biodynamieVin naturel
Bouteille de vin blanc le schlouk
Le Schlouk 2020 - Domaine Geschickt
Vin blanc macéré
Vin en biodynamieVin naturel

The beautiful story of the Geschickt family

It was in the Haut-Rhin in Ammerschwihr that the Geschickt estate was born in the 1970s thanks to Arnaud Geschickt's grandfather.
Frédéric, Arnaud's uncle, also joined the estate at the time and already foresees a promising future at the Geschickt estate. His perception of farming and winemaking? Clean work for the land, soils and healthy wine. A vision of things that leads him very quickly towards organic and biodynamic farming. Frédéric Geschickt wants to put nature back at the center of concerns. Let the nature does its thing, understand it and take it to its most beautiful expression, that's what Frédéric wants. A desire that will be rewarded by the Demeter certification from 1998.
These enthusiasts of their soils and living wines do not leave Arnaud Geschickt, Frédéric's nephew, indifferent. He then joined the estate in 2012 and became a partner in 2016.
Today, Frédéric has handed over to Arnaud, as well as to his wife, Aurélie Fayolle. A heritage that they continue to exploit with as much conviction, will and respect.

An exceptional environment at the Geschickt estate

Arnaud and Aurélie Geschickt are aware of the exceptional soils on which they are located. Aware that nature is beautiful, that nature is alive and that their wines reflect this harmonious environment.
Already 15 years ago, the Geschickt estate decided to bring nature back to life. Considerable work is therefore carried out in the vineyards, many trees are planted around the plots at first, then later in the middle of the vines. All these trees then become a relay for the animals, there are only the vines for food. The trees are therefore healthy competition for the vines of the Geschickt estate. They also provide shade, both for the grapes and for humans. They bear fruit, so there is real diversity in the plots.
As Arnaud and Aurélie put it so well: “Like what, making wine is telling the story of the landscape. And perhaps the more the landscape is beautiful, harmonious, alive, the more the wine is.” To maintain this harmonious approach, there is no intervention of machines. There is Léo-Paul and Iris and Rouge, mares from the Geschickt estate.
Thanks to them, the 11 hectares of the estate are therefore very well maintained. But it is also a story of hands always present to beautify this landscape. The Geschickt estate team is made up of a few people, a team on a human scale which allows us to have real proximity to all the plots. Everyone knows the vines and cellars by heart. A knowledge and a rapid reactivity which help in the good management of this estate which dedicates an immense respect to the environment.

The Alsace soils worked by the Geschickt house

The vineyards of the Geschickt estate extend over different soils. Each wine comes from a different soil, and not from a different grape variety as required by the appellation of Alsace. At the Geschickt estate, we highlight the soils, the plots, the geographical situations, and if it has to go through a blend of grape varieties, then it goes through the blend. The beauty of the landscapes before the rest. Aurélie and Arnaud want to offer different readings of this landscape.
There are therefore 4 hectares of Grand Cru on the Kaefferkopf soil. It is also the only appellation in Alsace which is Grand Cru and which accepts blends. The wines from these soils have great power and elegance. The Geschickt estate two different soils on this Grand Cru, and identifies them by the historical places. There is Purberg, which is on limestone soil, and Pfulben, on granite soil.
There is also the soil of Wineck-Schlossberg, in Katzenthal. This one gives the wines more finesse and floral aromas. Wineck-Schlossberg is one of the smallest Grand Crus in Alsace and also one of the highest. It is facing south, with a mostly granite floor.
Some of the plots are also located in Ammerschwihr and its surroundings. Here there is an oceanic influence from the Massif Vosgien, the climate is rather sunny, and based either at the foot or on the hills which oscillate between 200 and 400m in altitude. A rather exceptional exhibition.
The plots, the soils, are the heart of the work of the Geschickt estate and this is felt through their lively, vibrant wines.

The wines of the Geschickt estate

Arnaud and Aurélie Geschickt were able to benefit from a fine heritage, both in the vines and in the cellar. In the cellar you will come across centuries-old casks, already present when they arrive. Casks that are still used during ageing, casks that have as many stories to tell as the wine itself. For ageing, the Geschickt estate has added barrels and amphorae.
The cellar is large, it can accommodate two harvests, which leaves a nice margin to the estate to try, age, elaborate.
They make living wines to help people discover the soils of Alsace, through blends. They learn to juggle between macerations and blends to cope with the vagaries of each vintage. They carry out long aging in tuns most often to allow oxygenation. They go through sandstone jars for wines that are more fragile to oxygenate. They use long macerations to stabilize the wines as well. Rigorous work that allows the production of exceptional living wines.
Like for example the Pinot Noir 2020 which is harvested by hand, destemmed, and macerated for 10 days. It is then aged for a year in oak barrels, to extract a silky, fine, fresh Pinot Noir. The expression of Pinot Noir d'Alsace as we like to taste. To know also in magnum 2019…
You should also have a taste of the Riesling 2020/2021 (also available in magnum). This bottle is always made over 2 vintages, with one aged over 24 months, and the other over 12 months. The whole is matured in tuns to produce a Riesling of extreme precision. The 6 Pieds sur Terre 2018 is also a beautiful landscape story. You will discover a blend of six grape varieties from six vines rooted in their soil, on plots located on the border of the grands crus. Blend of Riesling, Muscat, Gewürztraminer, Pinot blanc, Pinot gris and explosive Pinot Noir, for a fine and pure wine. It offers a nice tension, despite its 18 months in oak tuns.
The Schlouk 2020, the last vintage we have selected for you! Gewurztraminer accompanied by a note of Riesling (in maceration) to raise the whole, we say yes. This “lampée” is invigorating and aromatic. To try!

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