Domaine de la Grosse Pierre

Domaine de la Grosse Pierre

Pauline Passot

If you locate the very steep climb of the Grosse Pierre to reach Chiroubles, then you locate the Grosse Pierre estate of Pauline Passot. Family estate offering wines from Fleurie and Morgon and different climates from Chiroubles.


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The wines of Pauline Passot at the Grosse Pierre estate

Initially a sommelier and after traveling around the world, Pauline returned to the family estate in 2016 following the decision of her parents to take their well-deserved retirement. Located in the (very steep) ascent of the Grosse Pierre to reach Chiroubles, Pauline also offers the Fleurie and Morgon in addition to the different climates of Chiroubles. Very nice juices, all in delicacy and finesse, very well mastered without distorting the soil. Already a safe bet for natural wine in Beaujolais !

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