Caroline Bain

Caroline Bain

Caroline Bain follows in the footsteps of her husband, Alexandre Bain, and sets out on her own. Unfiltered, unfined, sulfur-free Sauvignon Blancs, exceptional Loire wines.


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Coeur vaillant 2020 - Caroline Bain
Coeur vaillant 2020 - Caroline Bain
Vallée de la Loire
Vin blanc
Vin en biodynamieVin naturelVin sans sulfites ajoutés

Caroline Bain's expression

Do we need to introduce her to you? Caroline has already proven herself with her husband, Alexandre Bain.
Located in Tracy-sur-Loire, where Sauvignon Blanc expresses itself in the most beautiful way, Caroline Bain has decided to embark on the conception of her wines on her own. With the fine example of her husband, she could only take the same path and therefore work her soils in the most natural way possible. Caroline Bain has therefore launched, and 2020 becomes her first Loire Valley vintage. She takes care of 3 hectares of vines around the estate, still in Tracy-sur-Loire.

The wines of Caroline Bain

For this first bottle, Caroline takes the same trend as her husband, and gives her Sauvignons a ripe profile, but of course with her touch.
Her Cœur Vaillant bottle (2020) is therefore marked by its richness but also by a perfect balance between elegance and finesse. A pure Sauvignon Blanc that has been vinified in a very natural way; sulfur-free, unleavened, unfiltered and unfined.
A very well-made first bottle, which suggests a bright future for the wines of Caroline Bain.

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