Domaine Anne-Sophie and Jean-François Quenard

Domaine Anne-Sophie and Jean-François Quenard

Family story and good humor guaranteed in Chignin. Discover the Altesse, the Roussanne, the Mondeuse, worked in the manner of Anne-Sophie and Jean-François Quénard. Natural Savoy wines to have in your cellar.


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Family story in Chignin!

Emblematic and endearing family on the heights of Chignin at the entrance to the Combe de Savoie. At the head of the estate: Jean-François Quénard and Anne-Sophie, his daughter, who perpetuates the good wine-growing practice of the father. It wants to be respectful of the environment and this involves working the soil, in part, with horses for example. Precise wines, representing the soil and the pretty Savoy grape varieties... All this combined with the communicative good humor of the whole family! A pleasure to make you discover their bottles.

The Domaine Jean Francois Quénard

Although the Quénard are numerous in the village of Chignin, it is thanks to their passion and the desire to offer clean wines that we can present them to you today.
Many generations have succeeded each other through time and the evolutions of this world, the torch has been passed on from father to son since 1644.
Where does the experience of Domaine Quénard come from? Jean-François Quénard graduated as an oenologist in 1987 from the University of Dijon. He learns and connects the experiments in particular thanks to his stays in Bordeaux in the laboratory of Grézillac but also in the domaine of Espiguette in Montpellier, then in the vineyards of California in the United States. His meeting with Jules Chauvet (discover the Jules Chauvet cuvée) will further brighten his passion as a winemaker. Indeed, he will be inspired by his work and his love for wine in order to best transmit his know-how.
The transfer continues with the Quénards, it was in 2019 that Anne-Sophie, one of the four sisters, daughter of Catherine and Jean-François, joined the estate. Anne-Sophie could not turn her back on the potential of Savoy wines but above all on the continuity of the family estate. Today, Anne-Sophie has largely established herself as a winegrower of biodynamic and natural wines in Savoy.

Savoy wine in organic farming

The family estate has approximately 18 hectares located in Savoy, more precisely in Chignin (80%) and Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte (20%). Regarding the soils where the vineyards are located, they are mainly composed of clay-limestone, limestone scree and moraines. Most of the vines are planted on hillsides, some of which can go up to 45% in slope. Therefore, all the work must be done by hand as well as the harvest, which is also done manually.
Regarding wine varieties, Domaine Quénard presents typical Savoy grape varieties such as Mondeuse, Altesse, Jacquère, Persan and Roussanne. Pinot noir and Gamay are also present in a smaller quantity.
Anne-Sophie and Jean-François Quénard face nature on a daily basis, and are grateful for what it brings to them. This is why they introduce three essential elements to their vision and their development: the climate, the soil and the vines. Already practicing sustainable farming, the father and daughter are now moving towards organic and biodynamic farming. They are in constant search to improve the work of the soil, the use of plants in the treatments, a set of processes which is anchored in the sustainable development of the field. Since the 2021 vintage for the reds, and 2022 for the whites, the Domaine Quénard vineyard has therefore been certified in organic farming by the Ecocert label. Today they use yeast sparingly and will soon no longer use it. In addition, in recent years, Jean-François Quénard has restructured his vines in order to return to biodynamic farming, his certification is in the process of being validated.
To respect the grapes as much as possible, the work in the vineyard is manual, as is the harvest. These are done manually to keep the freshness and quality of the grapes as much as possible. Jean-François Quénard could only follow the traditional methods passed down from generation to generation.
It is important to him to respect the exceptional soil on which he cultivates his vines, the Savoy soil, but also to evolve towards even more traditional vinifications.

Wines from Domaine Anne-Sophie and Jean-François Quenard

The Roussette de Savoie Anne-Sophie 2019 bottle, in honor of Anne-Sophie Quénard, is a 100% Altesse, it is a Savoy dry white wine, also called Roussette de Savoie, from the place called Les Cailles located in the town of Chignin. This grape variety, with great potential, has been vinified for twenty years now by the Quénard estate. The vinification is carried out under the work of indigenous yeasts, without added sulfur. This wine reveals aromas of brioche on the nose as well as a hint of jasmine flower, while granting a nice roundness on the palate. Worthy of being a gastronomic wine!
Another local white wine, Chignin Bergeron-Chez les Béroux 2021, 100% Bergeron (also called Roussanne), comes from a plot of Domaine Quénard located on limestone scree, on the heights of Chignin. The age of the vines is 40 years and more. This bottle transcribes the very characteristics of the Bergeron grape variety. On the nose, we find the dry and fleshy apricot mixed with a note of gingerbread. While in the mouth, the roundness of the wine and a hint of bitterness combine for a perfect balance.
La Déroutante 2019 is a 100% Mondeuse red wine from Savoy. Without added sulfur or sulfites, this Mondeuse reveals all the specific characteristics of this grape variety on the nose and on the palate, a soft tannin and pure fruit.
The Savoy red wine Mondeuse Terres Rouges 2021 from Domaine Quénard is, as its name suggests, a remarkably fruity Mondeuse reflecting a beautiful expression of this grape variety. Indeed, this wine reveals notes of blackcurrant and blueberry on the nose and lets you appreciate a freshness in the mouth for guaranteed pleasure!
La Vie en Rose de Cath 2021 is a rosé from Savoy in reference to Catherine Quénard, partner of Jean-François and mother of Anne-Sophie. This rosé is made from two grape varieties, Gamay and Mondeuse. This bottle perfectly characterizes the fruity side as well as the ideal freshness of the rosé.
Wines in the image of this emblematic family, encouraging at the same time the sharing, the passion and the expression of the soil. Savoy wines as we like them at!

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