Alessandra Divella

Alongside France, Italy is one of the largest countries in wine production. With the natural wines of Alessandra Divella, originally from Lombardy, Chardonnay is honored through the Blanc de Blanc bottle, a pure wine, without sulfur or dosage.


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Blanc de Blancs - Alesandra Divella
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Blanc de Blancs - Alesandra Divella
Vin naturelVin sans sulfites ajoutées
-10% Dernières gouttes !

Talent and soil... Magnificent combination in Lombardy!

Sharing and passion are Alessandra Divella's key words. She did not get a family estate, but appropriated land to put them in her image. She started at the age of 28, out of love for wine, for the land. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, that's enough for Alessandra to offer us unfiltered sparkling wines, with spontaneous fermentation, without dosage or sulfur... A magnificent expression of a soil, a talented winegrower, she has nothing to envy to the Champagne region … To be tested by sparkling wine lovers!

The story of Alessandra Divella

Passionate about wine for years, she met winegrower friends and discovered their job. After spending time alongside these winemaker friends, she will be inspired by their way of doing things and embark on a new experience. In 2005, Alessandra Divella decided to take over 2 hectares of vines: 1.5 hectares of Chardonnay and 0.5 hectares of Pinot Noir. At the age of 28, she recovers vines that have been organically grown for 30 years, on the hills of Gussago, in the Lombardy region of Italy.
It is on these Italian lands that she promotes Chardonay and Pinot Noir with great passion and love. A passion born, not from a family transmission, but many moments of sharing with other wine lovers. Alessandra has this real desire to offer sparkling wines worthy of the name, and especially from her vines. She is the pioneer in the Lombardy region in Piedmont in organic farming and the first woman to run an estate. His work in the vineyard and winemaking is already highly appreciated in the Lombardy region. Despite its small vineyard, it offers 3 bottles of sparkling wines and produces 7000 bottles per year.

Italian natural wine

Since her first vintages, she has decided not to enter the Franciacorta DOCG appellation for various reasons.
The main reason being that they do not make serious communication on the variety of soils of the region as well as on its different features. She discovered that the eastern part of the region has good climatological conditions to produce sparkling wines. Alessandra Divella then seeks to exploit a vineyard with a particular soil suitable for her vines and her desire for sparkling wines. It brings together all these conditions by settling on the soil of Gussago and Cellatica.

These Italian lands in Gussago are composed of clays and limestones, fertile lands for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In the region of Lombardy, we find a changing climate with high and low temperatures. This climate brings minerality and acidity to sparkling wines for even more electric wines.
Alessandra Divella chooses fermentation in barrels, which intensifies the roundness of her wines and softens the tannins. The wines are then aged on lees between 2 and 5 years. The sparkling wines it offers are 100% Champagne method, sparkling with characterful and incredible accuracy. The wines are aged in cement vats or in old barrels until they are bottled. After bottling, the addition of a liqueur made from raw cane sugar allows the effervescence of the wine. The bottles are stored horizontally, on wooden slats, for a minimum of two years so that this "prise de mousse" process is detonatingly complex.

Alessandra Divella's wines

The wines of Alessandra Divella are sulfur-free , the fermentation is done thanks to indigenous yeasts, they are without dosage to let the wine and its soil speak for themselves.
Blanc de Blancs is a sparkling 100% Chardonnay, without sulfur or dosage and with explosive complexity. Sparkling wines of a high quality and which has absolutely nothing to envy to Champagne...
Champagne lovers, it's worth the try!

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