Alejandro Nunez

First vintage of Alejandro, well supported by Roberto Henriquez for whom he works with. Chilean natural wines, pure and full of fruit that seduce us with their delicacy!


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Bouteille de vin rouge Los Debutantes
Los debutantes 2021 - Alejandro Nunez
Vin rouge
Vin naturelCoup de coeur
Bouteille de vin blanc Moscatel Semillon
Moscatel Semillon 2021 - Alejandro Nunez
Vin blanc
Vin naturel
Bouteille de vin rouge Torreon
Torreon 2021 - Alejandro Nunez
Vin rouge
Vin naturel

The wines of Alejandro Nuñez

Alejandro Nuñez is at the right school, he works and learns at Roberto Henriquez at the same time with his project, a size in the world of natural wines in Chile. Alejandro now produces three different wines, on soils with great potential. It works in a traditional way, without input or filtration. He produces a white wine based on Moscatel and Sémillon, a fruit bomb, endless indulgence, with a saline touch that balances the whole of his wine. There is also a 100% País with the Torreon bottle. Here, the wine is of great finesse, especially with aging in barrels. This wine was ranked 93/100 in the Guia Descorchados 2023 (the reference guide to great wines from South America). And finally, Alejandro Nuñez produces a 100% Cinsault with the Los Debutantes bottle. A natural red wine from Chile full of freshness and delicacy as we like.

Alejandro's talent should be watched very closely, as evidenced by this very successful first vintage! Surprise your guests with these Chilean wines.

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