La Vigne Sauvage - David Humbert

On the shores of Lake Geneva, David Humbert settled and created La Vigne Sauvage. A magnificent signature Chasselas to discover absolutely!


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Pulsion Sauvage 2021 - Domaine La Vigne Sauvage - David Humbert
Pulsion Sauvage 2021 - Domaine La Vigne Sauvage - David Humbert
Vin blanc macéré
Vin en biodynamieVin naturelVin sans sulfites ajoutées
L'insouciance 2021 - Domaine La Vigne Sauvage David Humbert
L'insouciance 2021 - Domaine La Vigne Sauvage David Humbert
Vin blanc
Vin en biodynamieVin naturelVin sans sulfites ajoutées

David Humbert, La Vigne Sauvage

David Humbert's professional career began with an agricultural training, while holding a job in the food industry.
You may know the rest? Before becoming the studious student of the great Dominique Lucas (Les Vignes du Paradis), David got into the wine world working for two conventional estates. And the change in his life operates in 2012 when he decides to leave the conventional to join his mentor, Dominique Lucas.
Winegrower whose reputation is second to none, Les Vignes du Paradis is located near Thonons-les-bains, in Ballaison. There, David Humbert's vision changes, or takes on its full meaning. He discovers the work of the vine in organic method, a blow of heart for this passionate winegrower. The revelation will continue with the use of biodynamics in the cultivation of vines. David will learn how to make very high quality wines with Dominique Lucas.
The duo gets along very well, and seizes a great opportunity by taking over plots dedicated to real estate construction. Considered as “delicate biodynamists”, they are embarking on this new project which they will call “Les Vins du Léman”. They then recover ten hectares of vines, vines which will produce, according to their wishes, more accessible wines. The dynamics and the vision of the vine do not change however, the work will always be done with the greatest respect for the environment.
Then David Humbert wanted to start his own business, so in 2018 he decided to become the winegrower-artisan he had always wanted to be. He then settled in the Chablais, also near Lake Geneva, on a sailor's land. Quite naturally, he chooses organic, biodynamic farming. The Vigne Sauvage then sees the light of day, soils that he will gently exploit, that he harvests while taking his time, that he vinifies for a long time with a short aging in barrels and vats.
La Vigne Sauvage covers 1.5 hectares of Chasselas and a little Gamay. The vineyard is divided into two plots, one in the Marignan appellation, the other in Marin. The soils are calcareous and clayey.
La Vigne Sauvage by David Humbert is recent but suggests a very bright future in natural wine.

The wines of David Humbert, from La Vigne Sauvage

The soils are cultivated using organic and biodynamic techniques. There are no mechanical machines on his land. The vinification is also intended to be as respectful as possible. David Humbert has been running La Vigne Sauvage since the 2018 vintage, where the Chasselas is magnified. Especially with the Pulsion Sauvage 2021, this macerated Chasselas where the balance between gluttony and fruitiness exalts. Let it open for a few moments to enjoy all its aromas. Always 100% Chasselas, with the La Sauvageonne 2021 where its fruit envelops the palate and reveals itself with a beautiful salinity on the finish. Successful! Finally, L'insouciance 2021 enters the game with an ultra-sharp side, a Chasselas that awakens your taste buds! Voltage lovers, now is the time to get it.

2018 is recent, but David Humbert's experience is great and his mastery of Chasselas is incredible. La Vigne Sauvage, a new estate selected by Epicurieux, is to be followed closely.

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